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Forced Order
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SynopsisWorkExtra Info
Mrs. Crater marries off deaf daughter Lucynell to Shiftlet who abandons her at a diner/he picks up hitchhiker/reads road sign that says 'Drive Carefully' followed by titleShort Story
Title from Eddie Green song/Bailey takes family (wife, John Wesley (son), June Star (daughter), & mother) to TN/after a wreck caused by cat/all are killed by The Misfit & 2 othersShort Story & SS Collection (1955)
Julian (recent coll graduate) living w/mom who is racist in South/escorts her on bus after racial integration/wide cast of characters on busShort Story & SS Collection (1965)
Francis Tarwater refuses to give his uncle a proper burial to avoid his call to be a prophet, which he becomes at the end of the novelNovel (1960)
Hazel Motes, a recently discharged WWII veteran, struggles with religious beliefs/dies at end of novelNovel (1952)
Former Civil War General George Poker Sash is 104 yrs old/dies on stage as 62 yr old grandaughter Sally graduatesShort Story
Old white man Tanner from GA lives w/daughter in NY after losing land/friendly w/Black but gets beat up in NY & has stroke/dies and daughter buries him in NY then in GAShort Story
Mrs Cope receives visit from 3 teenage boys including Powell Boyd/she tells them to leave but they don't/they set fire to woods near her homeShort Story
Mrs Hopewell invites Bible salesman for dinner/daughter Joy is 32, has prosthetic leg/they go to barn & he tries to seduce her/says he's nihilistic atheist/takes her leg & leavesShort Story
Mrs McIntyre has priest find her farm help (Polish immigrant Guizac)/Shortley's (family that helps w/farm) don't like him/Mr Shortley kills Guizac w/tractorShort Story

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