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Namesake warrior driven to treachery and suicide because Achilles' armor was given to Odysseus instead of to him.
Namesake archer is abandoned on Lemnos by the Greeks on their way to Troy. Heracles convinces him to rejoin the Greek army after they realized they cannot win without his bow.
Namesake and brother Orestes avenge the murder of their father Agamemnon by Clytemnestra and Aegisthus.
Namesake man killed his father and married his mother.
Named for the women who form the chorus, it dramatized the Deianeira's accidental killing of Heracles.
Oedipus and his daughters arive at namesake city and meet Theseus, King of Athens
Oedipus' daughter must choose between leaving her brother's body unburied or burying him and facing death.

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