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High point of a wave
Coefficient of time in a wave function, represented by little omega
Equal to the absolute value of the difference in frequency of two waves
Elastic waves that can travel through a continuum/siesmic waves with highest velocity/longitudinal pressure waves that can travel through molten outer core
Approximate decibel value of a jet taking off/considered the threshold of pain
Time it takes for wave to complete 1 full cycle
Minimum angle at which total internal reflection occurs
Motion of element is perpendicular to direction of wave travel
Optical property of a material having a refractive index that depends on the polarization & propagation direction of light/causes double image or double refraction
Property of transverse waves that can oscillate with more than one orientation such as electromagnetic & gravitational waves/sound waves do not exhibit this property
Point where longitudinal wave has least density
Motion of element is parallel to direction of wave travel
List the 3 states of matter in order though which sound travels fastest to slowest
Low point of a wave
Waves that have a constant phase difference and fixed frequency/has both temporal & spatial expressions/necessary for lasers to work
Lowest frequency produced by the oscillation of the whole of an object, as distinct from the harmonics of higher frequency
Phenomenon that occurs when two waves meet
Lower limit of human hearing in Hertz
Reciprocal of period/measured in Hertz
When a wave (electromagnetic, sound, or other) strikes a medium & only reflection occurs (no refraction)/only occurs when going from medium w/higher refractive index to lower index
Elastic wave/transverse siesmic shear waves that arrive second on seismograph/cannot travel through molten outer core
Principle of physics that allows analysis of the meeting of 2 or more waves
Interference between two waves that are in-phase with each other/increases amplitude
Area of Earth's surface where seismographs cannot detect an earthquake due to refraction at core
Magnitude of maximum displacement from equilibrium position
Location on wave where displacement is zero
Lower threshold of human hearing in decibels
Upper limit of human hearing in Hertz
Device used to generate waves of specific frequencies or to select specific frequencies from a signal
Interference between two waves that are opposite-phase with each other/results in cancellation of amplitude
Point where longitudinal wave has maximum density
Pulsation caused by combination of 2 sound waves of slightly different frequencies
Location on wave where displacement is maximum
Wave that remains in constant position/occurs when medium is moving in opposite direction of wave or in stationary medium due to interference to two waves in opposite direction

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