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Minority counsel who assisted Senate Watergate Committee/exposed Oval Office taping system during questioning/acted in Law & Order/ran for GOP nomination in 2008
2nd VP under Nixon who pardoned him
Attorney General under Nixon who resigned to become head of CREEP/approved plan to burgle hotel, photograph campaign documents, & bug phones
Former CIA officer & member of CREEP whose name was found in address book of captured burglars/also a leader of White House Plumbers
1974 US Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Watergate tapes be released to special prosecutor/Judge Rehnquist (recent Nixon appointee) recused himself
Special counsel appointed by Attorney General Richardson in May 1973 to investigate the scandal
Longtime personal secretary to Nixon who claimed to have accidentally erased the missing 18.5 minutes on one of the tapes
Solicitor General who fired Cox after Saturday Night Massacre/later nominated by Reagan for Supreme Court but not approved/name used to describe harsh attacks on potential judges
Deputy director of FBI/gave secret info about Watergate to Washington Post reporters/identified Hunt's involvement/met reporters in underground parking garage
Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs under Nixon/created White House Plumbers/convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, & perjury
Security guard at Watergate Complex who noticed tape covering the latches of office doors/called police when he found doors retaped
Nixon advisor who coined term 'Silent Majority' and shaped Nixon's victories/never accused of wrongdoing/served Ford & Reagan/ran for GOP nomination in 1996/political commentator
Democrat Senator from NC who headed select committee to investigate Watergate affair/was also instrumental in bringing down McCarthy in 1954
Chief of Staff under Nixon
Name any of the 3 articles of impeachment brought against Nixon
Nickname given to anonymous source by Washington Post reporters/later identified as WM Felt Sr
Nixon Press Secretary who described break-in as 'a third-rate burglary attempt'
Name any of the 5 burglars captured by police
Presidential Counsel for Nixon/referred to as the 'master manipulator of the cover-up' by the FBI/became key witness for prosecution/supported efforts to impeach GW Bush
Name given to seven men indicted by grand jury on March 1, 1974 for hindering investigation/included Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, Colson, Strachan, Mardian, & Parkinson
Acting director of the FBI under Nixon/not confirmed by Senate/resigned after admitting to destroying documents from Hunt's safe 11 days after burglary
Former FBI agent who carried out burgling & wire-tapping
Former CIA officer who became Security Coordinator for CREEP
Year Nixon resigned
General counsel for CREEP/nominally in charge of break-in/claimed to be duped by Dean/currently has conservative talk radio show
Name given to resignation of AG Richardson & his deputy Ruckelshaus who both refused to fire Cox when ordered to by Nixon
Name given to Oval Office tape released August 5, 1974 that proved Nixon knew about the cover-up from the very beginning
WH counsel/Nixon's 'hatchet man'/plead guilty to obstruction of justice for defamation of Daniel Ellsberg/became Christian in prisons/started Prison Fellowship/won Templeton Prize
Covert WH special investigations unit under Nixon/created to stop leaking of classified info (such as Pentagon Papers) to media/members also worked for CREEP/included Hunt & Liddy
Name of Washington DC hotel complex consisting of 5 buildings next to JFK Center for Performing Arts/used as DNC headquarters in early 1970's
Give the names of the 2 Washington Post reporters who uncovered info implicating WH, Justice Dept, FBI, & CIA in cover up
Nixon fundraising organization for 1972 re-election campaign guilty of money laundering & slush funds/actively involved in Watergate scandal
Special counsel who continued investigation after Archibald Cox was fired/appointed by Bork

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