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Forced Order
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1706/French Army was besieging Turin/Prince Eugene of Savoy and Duke of Savoy led Habsburg relief army/French forces defeated, led to their withdrawal from northern Italy
1707/Franco-Spanish forces under Berwick crushed Allied army of Portugal, England, and the United Provinces/Bourbons reclaimed most of eastern Spain
John Churchill/1650-1722/commanded army at Battle of Sedgemoor to end Monmouth Rebellion/imprisoned in Tower of London briefly/main leader of Allies in War of Spanish Succession
1709/Marlborough moved to take fort of Mons/French under Villars, Boufflers forced to retreat/pyrrhic victory for Allies/rumor of Marlborough's death-'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'
1661-1700/the last Habsburg ruler of Spain/'the Bewitched'/infertile and many mental, emotional disabilities that complicated his rule/his death caused War of Spanish Succession
'The Sun King'/built the Palace of Versailles/expanionist policies caused many wars/fought War of Spanish Succession to install his grandson as king of Spain
Holy Roman Emperor 1658-1705/also King of Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia/fought Great Turkish War/tried to install his son as king of Spain upon Charles II's death
aka Philip V of Spain/Louis XIV's grandson who Charles II chose to succeed him as king of Spain/first Bourbon Spanish monarch/ruled from 1700-1746
1710/Anglican Tories attacked homes, meeting houses of Presbyterian Whigs/1 of largest public insurrections of the 1700s/response to high taxes for War of Spanish Succession
Louis XIV sought to eliminate Leopold I and Austria from the war by taking Vienna/Duke of Marlborough marched forces 250 miles in 5 weeks/Bavaria crushed/Marshall Tallard captured
1706/Louis XIV wanted peace, but a decisive peace/Villeroi marched into the Netherlands to land critical blow/Marlborough's forces defeated French in 4 hours
1704/largest naval battle of the war/England had just recently taken Gibraltar/Admiral Rooke heard the French Navy was coming to retake Gibraltar/indecisive battle-no ships sunk
1708/English, Dutch, Holy Roman Empire vs France/great Allied victory/half of French forces left in reserve due to poor leadership/French retreated to Ghent
Charles VI of Austria/ son of Leopold I who claimed the Spanish throne upon the death of Charles II/England, Austria, and the Netherlands all declared war on France to install him

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