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Male priest in Vodou
Name Rastas use for cannabis (marajuana) used in spiritual rituals/in the Sanskrit term for marajuana
Viewed as high priest of Bobo Ashanti 'after the order of Melchizedek' in the Bible
Followers of Vodou/literally 'servants of the spirits'
Rastafari worship a former emperor of this African nation/he was emperor from 1930-1974/claim this nation is the birthplace of humankind
Biblical term Rastas use for the degenerate society of materialism, oppression, and sensual pleasures
Female priest in Vodou
Loa (spirit of love)
Umbrella term for the various groups of the Rastafari movement
Loa (spirit of agriculture)
Loa (divine twins considered to be the first children of Bondye)
Hatian Vodou temple
1658 work written of the King of Allada's ambassador to the court of Philip IV of Spain which includes first European record of Vodou
Syncretic religion first practiced in Cuba (ca 1515) which combined Roman Catholic teachings & African Yoruba mythology/practice animal sacrifice
Caribbean island where Rastafari developed
Loa (spirit of rain & magicians)
Magician or sorcerer in Vodou who deals with evil spirits & casts spells
Mansion of Rastafari founded by Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards in Jamaica in 1958/advocats repatriation of all black people to Africa w/reimbursement for slavery
Former emperor whom Rastas worship/he is worshiped as an incarnation of the Christian God the Father or as the Second Advent of Jesus Christ/title 'Lion of Judah'
Spirits subservient to Bondye
Distant & unknowable Supreme Creater of Hatian Vodou
Loa (guardian of the crossroads)
Parallel religion with Santeria practiced in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, & Uruguay/merges Yoruba mythology, Catholocism, & Indigenous American traditions
West African religion from which Vodou is descended
Jamaican leader of Black Nationalism & Pan-Africanism viewed as a prophet by Bobo Ashanti
Religion based in US state related to but distinct from Hatian Vodou
Forested island at bottom of cosmic waters where Loa reside/a type of 'cosmic Africa'/also used to describe moral code of Vodou
Oldest Mansion of Rastafari named after 19th-century Ugandan queen who fought against Brit Empire/nonviolent & anti-racist
One of the Mansions of Rastafari founded in Jamaica (1968)/Bob Marley was a member of this sect/founded by Vernon Carrington known as Prophet Gad/anti-racist

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