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Forced Order
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SentenceVerb Tense
The plumber is going to perform my lobotomy.
They have been looking the for the Harvard lepidopterist at the Evansville Zoo.
The crocodile is eating his foot.
George has found the leprechauns at the end of the rainbow.
Dr. Pangloss had been explaining Leibniz's philosophy to Candide.
By the time the pedantic professor finishes his lecture, the flying monkeys will have been teleported to Valhalla.
The orc took my chicken.
He will have taken the yak-jelly poptarts to the children by now.
Greedo was explaining Jabba's policy for debt manangement when Han Solo shot him.
The giant mushroom had blocked out all my sunlight.
She eats garbage.
Gobatuluk the Wise will be presenting her best recipes for laser-fried moosechicken at the conference this weekend.

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