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Conservative Brit PM (2016-2019)/MP for Maidenhead/2nd female PM/worked for Bank of England/l1st woman to hold 2 of Great Offices of State/became PM after Brexit vote
Assisted Ken Starr in investigation of Clinton/accused of sexual abuse by Christine Blasey Ford/appointed to Supreme Court by Trump in 2018
Succeeded Scalia after Obama couldn't get Merrick Garland in/clerked for Byron White & Anthony Kennedy/appointed by Trump in 2017
Mass protests begun in March 2019 in this city in opposition to law allowing fugitives to be extradited to China/Chief Exec Carrie Lam suspended bill but refused other demands
Longest serving KY senator in history/current Repub Senate Majority Leader/blocked Obama appointee Merrick Garland from SCOTUS/worked to confirm Trump nominees Gorsuch & Kavanaugh
Youngest female House member in history/defeated Joe Crowley in Dem primary/14th congressional district in NY/ leader of The Squad/creator of Green New Deal
VP under Obama (2009-2016)/Delaware Senator/known as gaffe machine/running for 2020 Dem nomination for Pres/chaired Judiciary Committee for SCOTUS hearings on Bork & Thomas
2018 trade agreement w/Mexico & Canada negotiated by Trump to replace NAFTA/currently signed by member states/not ratified by US Senate
2003-11 conflict/US led coalition invaded namesake nation to overthrow Saddam Hussein/instigated by search for weapons of mass destruction/began by W Bush/ended by Obama
2002 law/amended Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971/regulates the financing of political campaigns/partially overturned by 2010 Citizens United vs FEC case
2010 law/overhauled financial regulation in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007–2008/created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau/Volcker Rule for bank investments
Conservative Brit PM (2019-present)/Mayor of London (2008-16)/edited Daily Telegraph & Spectator/Sec of State for May/prorogued Parliament but overturned by Supreme Court
2012 Repub Pres nominee/lost to Obama/Massachusetts governor/ran Bain Capital/ran 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City/is Mormon/now Utah Senator
Salafi jihadist group founded in 1999/goes by Arabic acronym DAESH/proclaimed itself worldwide caliphate under al-Baghdadi/ethnic cleansing in Iraq & Syria/called JV team by Obama
State at the heart of the 2000 election controversy/Bush won by only 537 votes after recount was halted
45th Pres/billionaire real estate developer/host of The Apprentice TV show/wrote The Art of the Deal/defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016/oldest 1st term Pres
Congressional House caucus of conservative & libertarians/formed in 2015 by Jim Jordan/currently led by Mark Meadows/primarily supporters of Tea Party movement
Interrogation technique intended to simulate drowning/used on Khaleid Sheikh Mohammed to extract info/banned later by W Bush administration
VP for Trump/50th Governor of Indiana/conservative talk radio & TV show (1994-99)/US House rep/Tea Party supporter/Religious Freedom Restoration Act as governor led to firestorm
FBI director (2013-17)/fired by Trump/leaked memos to press to initiate Trump-Russia investigation/oversaw Hillary Clinton email investigation/senior VP at Lockheed Martin
2015/Court said same sex couples can marry b/c of Due Process & Equal Protection Clauses
Largest attack on US soil/killed 2996 people/4 passenger planes hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists/2 crashed into WTC towers, 1 into Pentagon, last into field in Shanksville, PA
Cabinet department created by Bush in 2002 to protect the US in aftermath of 9/11/coordinates intelligence between govt agencies
Literally 'The Base'/Sunni Islamist organization founded in 1988 by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam, & others in Afghanistan to combat Soviet invasion/now led by al-Zawahiri
2010/Court overturned part of McCain-Feingold Act/said govt cannot restrict political spending by corporations or labor unions b/c of free speech
Leader of Al-Qaeda behind 9/11/son of millionaire Saudi construction company founder/joined Mujahideen in Pakistan/attacked WTC in 1993/shot by Navy SEALs in Abbottabad, Pakistan
2001 act passed in wake of 9/11 terror attacks/united intellegence info/allowed wiretapping & searching of business records/expired on June 1, 2015/replaced by USA Freedom Act
Only female Speaker of the House (2007-11, 2019-present)/Democrat who represents San Francisco in US House/opposed Iraq War & other Bush policies/oversaw passage of Obamacare
US military prison for terrorists in Cuba/also called Gitmo/established in 2002 by W Bush/Obama promised to close it but didn't/currently 40 inmates
Dec 2007 - June 2009 economic slowdown in US & most developing countries/triggered by US subprime mortgage crisis/2nd worst downturn behind Great Depression
Pres of China since 2012/changed constitution to abolish term limits/lived in cave as farm laborer during Cultural Revolution/anti-corruption campaign purge/human rights abuses
Name literally means 'students'/Sunni group that ruled & seeks to rule Afghanistan/harsh Sharia law/brutal treatment of women/provided home base for bin Ladin & al-Qaeda for 9/11
Current Chief Justice/nominated to replace O'Connor but got CJ when Rehnquist died/clerked for Rehnquist/conservative philosophy but votes w/liberals at times (eg Obamacare)
43rd Pres/son of 41st Pres/Gov of Texas (1995-2000)/co-owner of Texas Rangers baseball team/led War on Terror after 9/11/defeated Gore in 2000 & Kerry in 2004/wrote Decision Points
Mastermind of the 9/11 attacks/captured in 2003 by CIA w/help of Pakistani intelligence/held at Guantanamo Bay since 2006
Domestic commercial flight hijacked by al-Qaeda as part of 9/11 attacks/crashed in Stony Creek, Pennsylvania (20 min from DC) when passengers fought to retake plane/44 killed
Russian president 2000-08 & 2012-present/KGB officer in 70's-80's/economic growth w/corruption/annexed Crimea from Ukraine/decrease in political & press freedom/PM from 2009-11
Controversial pres election/Gore won popular vote but lost to W Bush/election came down to recount in FL/stopped by Supreme Court b/c of arbitrary interpretation of ballots
2000 Dem presidential nominee/lost to W Bush/VP under Clinton/infamous for creation of internet quote/won 2006 Academy Award for Best Documentary for An Inconvenient Truth
FBI director (2001-13)/appointed by Rod Rosenstein in 2017 to head Trump-Russia investigation/investigation ended in 2019/served as US Attorney in 80's & 90's
44th Pres/1st black Pres/born in Honolulu/attended Occidental College & Columbia/community organizer in Chicago/Senator from Illinois/defeated McCain in 2008 & Romney in 2012
2012 landmark legislation of Obama/largest overhaul of US healthcare system since Medicare/Medicaid in 1965/covers pre-existing conditions/penalty for not being insured
North Korean leader since 2011/educated in Switzerland under name of Un-pak or Pak-un in 90's/loved Michael Jordan/diplomacy w/NBA star Dennis Rodman/met Trump 2018 in Singapore
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