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1994 document by Newt Gingrich/conservative promises to US in 1994 midterms/helped GOP net 9 Senate & 54 House seats/1st GOP control of Congress since 1954
Caribbean nation invaded by US from 25-29 Oct 1983/Marines, SEALS, & Delta Force ordered by Reagan to rescue 600 US medical students/Operation Urgent Fury/toppled communist govt
US-backed Nicaraguan rebel group/opposed socialist Sandinistas from 1979-1990's/Reagan administration funneled them money from sale of arms to Iran/violated Boland Amendment
41st Pres/served as Ambassador to UN & director of CIA/VP for Reagan/'Read my lips, no new taxes' pledge was broken/defeated by Clinton b/c of Perot
1st President of Russian Federation after collapse of USSR (1991-99)/privatized economy/survived attempted coup in 1993
42nd Pres/Arkansas Governor/signed NAFTA & welfare reform bills/impeached b/c of perjury in Monica Lewinsky scandal/autobiography My Life
President & dictator of Iraq from 1979-2003/led Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party/invaded Iran & Kuwait/captured in 2nd Gulf War/executed in 2006
1985-87 scandal/US diplomats sold weapons to Iran to get US hostages released/$ from sale used to funded Nicaraguan anti-communist rebels/Oliver North imprisoned then released
April-June 1982 conflict between UK & Argentina over namesake islands/Argentina under Galtieri invaded/defeated by Brits/Reagan supported UK effort
Branch Davidian cult leader/accused of sexual abuse of minors/killed in Waco siege/claimed to be their final prophet
1994 agreement/created a free trade zone between US, Canada & Mexico/passed under Clinton
White House intern that Bill Clinton had sex with in the Oval Office/led to Clinton's impeachment when he lied about it under oath
Brit PM (1979-90)/called Iron Lady/1st female Prime Minister/worked w/Reagan to oppose USSR/privatized industry/ended Winter of Discontent
Pope from 1978-2005/Polish Karol Wojtyla/worked to end Communism in Europe/canonized after purportedly healing French nun from Parkinson's disease
US man who tried to assassinate Reagan in CA on 30 March 30 1981/wanted to impress actress Jodie Foster/critically wounded James Brady/found not guilty by insanity/released 2016
Ronald Reagan's proposed laser defense system/called 'Star Wars'/used to get Soviets to negotiate/never implemented
African-American Los Angeles construction worker/beaten by police in 1991 after car chase/videotaped but police were acquitted/led to 1992 LA riots/'Can't we all just get along'
1986 disaster/US Space Shuttle broke apart 73 seconds after liftoff/killed 7 including teacher Christa McAuliffe/O-ring flaw discovered by Feynman as part of Rogers Commission
15 April - 4 June 1989/known as June Fourth Incident in China/student-led demonstrations fired on by govt troops w/rifles & tanks/hundreds killed/thousands wounded
1st female attorney general in US history/served under Clinton from 1993-2001/authorized FBI to assault Branch Davidians in Waco TX
Speaker of the House from 1995-99/led 1994 Republican Revolution w/Contract with America/led welfare reform & tax cuts in 1997/resigned over affair in 1999/govt shutdown in 1996
1st female justice/1st female majority leader of a state senate (AZ)/swing vote/majority opinion in Grutter, Hamdi, & Planned Parenthood cases/appointed by Reagan
VP under Carter/1984 Dem Pres nominee/lost every state but Minnesota/MN Senator in 60's-70's/ran for Senate again in 2002 but lost
1986/Soviet nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine/reactor 4 exploded during safety test releasing fallout into atmosphere/31 immediate deaths/level 7 event/cost 18 billion rubles
1st female Sec of State/served under Clinton (1997-2000)/Czech immigrant/1st served as Clinton's US Ambassador to the United Nations
Final leader of Soviet Union (1985-91)/initiated glasnost & perestroika movements/won Nobel Peace Prize for ending Cold War/known for large birthmark on top of his head
Anti-apartheid activist/became 1st black Pres of South Africa (1994-99)/Pres of African National Congress party (1991-97)/27 yrs in prison (1962-90) from Rivonia Trial
US terrorist that bombed federal building in Oklahoma City, OK in 1995/killing 168 & wounded 680/deadliest terror attack until 9/11/wanted revenge for Waco & Ruby Ridge incidents
Billionaire 3rd party presidential candidate in 1992/founder of Electronic Data Systems/founded Reform Party in 1996/opposed 1st Gulf War & NAFTA
17 Jan-28 Feb 1991 conflict/35 nation coalition invaded Iraq after Iraq invaded Kuwait/coordinated by George HW Bush/included Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm
African-American woman/charged Clarence Thomas with sexual harassment during his Supreme Court nomination hearings/he was her supervisor at Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
21 Dec 1988/Pan Am Flight 103 from Frankfurt to Detroit destroyed by bomb killing 243 passengers & 16 crew/parts landed in namesake area of Scotland/Gaddafi (Libya) was responsible
Russian term meaning 'openness'/Gorbachev's policy of increased govt transparency w/free speech & free press/led to end of Cold War
2nd Black SCOTUS Justice/rarely speaks/longest-serving currently/headed EEOC under Reagan/Anita Hill charges/'high tech lynching'/wrote My Grandfather's Son/appointed by HW Bush
1984 Dem nominee for VP/1st woman to run for VP for a major party/only Italian-American on major ticket/ambassador to UN Human Rights Commission under Clinton
Arab nationalist & socialist leader of Libya from 1969-2011/overthrown & executed during Arab Spring/his Third International Theory recorded in The Green Book/Lockerbie bombing
Marine Lt colonel at heart of Iran-Contra Scandal/oversaw $ going to support Contras/became Fox News host of War Stories/Pres of NRA in 2018-19/conviction for Iran-Contra dismissed
1993 gun-control law named for White House Press Secretary who was paralyzed after being wounded in assassination attempt on Reagan/mandated federal background checks & 5-day wait
Policy of institutionalized racism & segregation in South Africa from 1948-1990's/white minority repressed colored population/Reagan criticized for not imposing sanctions
23 Oct 1983/2 truck bombs hit Multinational Force troops in Lebanon killing 241 US & 58 French/Islamic Jihad group/during Lebonese Civil War/worst Marine deaths since Iwo Jima
Term for Reagan's supply side economic policies/lowered taxes to stimulate business growth/based on Laffer Curve
40th Pres/was famous actor/Governor of California (1967-75)/motivational speaker for General Electric/popularized American conservatism/died of Alzheimers in 2004
Russian term meaning 'restructuring'/Gorbachev's policy of govt reform that reformed the Soviet political & economic systems (move toward free markets)/led to end of Cold War

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