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Voice in which the subject of sentence performs the action
Verb that expresses a state rather than an action
Word formed from a verb but functioning as a different part of speech
Combinations of words that are used together to take on a different meaning to that of the original verb
Verbs that don’t take on the regular spelling patterns of past simple and past participle verbs
Voice in which the subject of sentence receives the action
Verbal that functions as an adjective/composed of a single verb
Verbal ending in -ing that functions as a noun
Verb that expresses the doing of something or possession
Verbs used before action or linking verbs to convey additional information regarding aspects of possibility or time
Auxiliary verbs that are used to express abilities, possibilities, permissions, and obligations
Verb that connects the subject of a sentence to a noun or adjective that renames or describes the subject
Verbal formed by placing the word 'to' in front of the simple present form of a verb
Verbs that take on the regular spelling patterns of past simple and past participle verbs
Action verb that has a noun (direct object) that receives the action of the verb
Action verb that never has a direct or indirect object
Verbal that contains a verb which acts as an adjective/present participles or past participles and any modifiers, objects, or complements

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