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DescriptionType of ComedyExamples
Comedy that satirizes behavior in a particular social group, especially the upper classes.The Importance of Being Earnest, Tartuffe, The School for Wives, The Misanthrope
Dramatic work using buffoonery & horseplay/typically including crude characterization & ludicrously improbable situationsMarx Brothers, Monty Python
Comedy designed to ridicule and correct vices like hypocrisy, pride, avarice, social pretensions, simony and nepotismMolière, Ben Jonson, GB Shaw
Literary, dramatic or musical work which caricatured the manner/spirit of serious works/later in US referred to variety shows w/bawdy comedy & stripteaseRape of the Lock
Often ridicule an individual, group of people, or institution/purpose is to mock the weaknesses or similar characteristics of anotherJuvenal
Tragic play which contains enough comic elements to lighten the overall mood or a serious play with a happy endingcoined by Plautus/Alcestis, The Winter's Tale, The Merchant of Venice, Cymbeline, Infinite Jest

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