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HintAnswerImportant Info.
Chief Strategist and Senior Counselorformer editor of Breitbart News, branded as anti-semitic populitst by the left
(acting) Secretary of Homeland Securitydeputy DHS Secretary under John Kelly/assumed role when Kelly left to be chief of staff
Director of National Intelligenceformer IN senator, Bush-43 ambassador to Germany
Secretary of Commerceworth $2.5 billion, known for restructuring companies in the steel and coal industries
CIA Directorformer KS congressman, West Point/Harvard graduate, pro-NSA surveillance
U.S. Trade Representativedeputy trade representative during the Reagan adm.
National Security Advisor3 star Army general, wrote a book about the Vietnam War and LBJ's failures
Counselor to the Presidentformer Cruz campaign member, 1st woman to be campaign manager for a successful presidential campaign (Trump's)
Secretary of Interiorformer MT congressman, SEAL Team Six member, called Hillary Clinton the antichrist
Secretary of Defenserequired a waiver to be passed by Congress to serve, nickname 'Mad Dog'
Attorney Generalformer AL senator/attorney general, 1986 judge nomination torpedoed by accusations of racism
Secretary of Energylongest serving governor of TX, 2012/2016 presidential candidate, forgot he wanted to abolish his dept.
Secretary of Veterans AffairsObama administration holdover, former Undersecretary of Health for VA
EPA Administratorformer OK attorney general, sued Obama adm. multiple times over environmental rules, big oil ties
HintAnswerImportant Info.
Secretary of Health and Human Servicesformer GA congressman, wrote Obamacare replacement plan
White House Press Secretaryformer AR gov Mike Huckabee's daughter/unofficial press secretary before Spicer resigned
Ambassador to the U.N.former SC governor, Indian American, took down the Confederate flag at the SC state capitol
Secretary of the Treasury17 years of experience at Goldman Sachs
Secretary of Stateformer Exxon Mobil CEO, received a friendship medal from Putin
Secretary of Housing and Urban Developmentformer neurosurgeon at John Hopkins, 2016 presidential candidate
Secretary of Transportationonly Cabinet secretary from KY since WWII, Mitch McConnell's wife, Bush-43 Labor Secretary
Secretary of Agriculturefirst GOP governor of GA since Reconstruction
Chief of Staffformer commander of U.S. Southern Command/DHS secretary before Reince Preibus got the boot
Senior Adviser to the PresidentTrump's son-in-law, orthodox Jew, married to Ivanka Trump, Chris Christie put his dad in jail
Secretary of Educationbillionaire GOP family, owns an NBA team, 'grizzly bear' gaffe at confirmation hearing
Administrator of the Small Business Administrationco-founder of WWE
Secretary of Laborformer CEO of CKE Restaurants (i.e. Hardee's, Carl's Jr.)
OMB Directorformer SC congressman, Freedom Caucus founding member, defense budget hawk

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