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Forced Order
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Giant who tried to rape Leto at behest of Hera/slain by Artemis & Apollo/Zeus had 2 vultures in Tartarus eat his liver every day/son of Zeus by Elara
Brother giants Otus & Ephialtes/sons of Poseidon & Iphimedia/never stopped growing/wanted Artemis & Hera for brides/could only be killed by each other/Artemis tricked them to do it
God of dreams & sleep/had wings but could mimic any human form & appear in dreams/son of Hypnos/brother of Phobeter & Phantasos
Concubine of Agamemnon/daughter of priest of Apollo/won't let him ransom so Apollo sends plague/gives her up but takes Briseis from Achilles/became medieval Cressida
Titan born of Oceanus & Tethys/1st great spouse of Zeus/mother of wisdom & cunning/mother of Athena by Zeus/swallowed by Zeus
Legendary early ruler of Athens/Hephaestus tried to rape Athena/couldn't catch her/he impregnated earth which gave birth to this person/was raised in box by Athena as foster mothe
Son of Zeus by Antiope/twin brother of Zethus/together they built Thebes/husband of Niobe/killed himself after Artemis & Apollo killed his children
Daughter of Peleus/known for love of husband Admetus/took husband's place at death but returned by Heracles
Goddess of discord/not invited to marriage of Peleus & Thetis/threw golden apple among Aphrodite, Hera, & Athena to start feud
Name given to High Priestess of Apollo at Delphi/most powerful woman of classical world/may have delivered frenzied utterances after breathing vapors rising from chasm in rock
Wife of Orpheus/was allowed to leave underworld w/him on condition that he walked in front & didn't look back/he looked back before she got out/she disappeared back to underworldd
Physician of the gods mentioned by Homer & Hesiod/later became associated with Apollo
Argonaut who was served by Apollo by Zeus' orders/married Alcetis after yoking a lion & boar to chariot (helped by Apollo)
Goddess of youth/pictured as eagle w/Zeus/daughter of Zeus & Hera/cupbearer to gods until she became wife of Heracles/drew baths for Ares & helped Hera into chariot
Also Hippodameia/blond princess of Lyrnessus/became concubine of Achilles/taken by Agamemnon causing Achilles to leave/gets her back when he comes to revenge Patroclus' death
Giant huntsman/met Merope in Boeotia & was blinded by her father Oenopion/hunted w/Artemis on Crete & was killed by her arrown or by giant scorpion/made constellation by Zeus
Son of Apollo by Coronis/raised by Chiron/killed by Zeus after raising Hippolytus from dead/father of Hygieia, Iaso, Aceso, Aglaea, & Panacea/rod of modern medical symbol
Son of Odysseus & Circe/when grown she sent him to Ithaca/he attacked it thinking it was Corfu/he killed Odysseus in ensuing fight/later married Penelope
Could charm all living things w/his music/saved Argonauts from Sirens w/music/went to underworld to bring his wife back from dead-she vanished when he turned around too soon
Nymph responsible for distracting Hera from Zeus's affairs by talking incessantly/when Hera discovered it, she cursed her to only repeat the words of others

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