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Reflection of the orthocenter about the circumcenter of a triangle/Formula d=cosA-cosBcosC
Intersecting point of the three altitudes of a triangle
Perpendicular distance from one side (called the base) to the opposite vertex
Circle constructed by connecting the midpoints of the sides, the foot of each altitude, & midpoint of the line segment from each vertex of the triangle to the orthocenter
Polygon with 3 sides and angles adding to 180
Line segment that cuts a side into two equal parts at a right angle
Line segment from a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side
Various lines drawn from a vertex of a triangle to the opposite side pass through this common point
Line that cuts an angle into two equal parts
Line on which the orthocenter, centroid, circumcenter, de Longchamps point, nine-point center, and number of other important triangle centers lie
Center of the incircle/created by the intersection of angle bisectors
Point in the figure that is the center of the circumscribed circle
Radius of the largest circle that will fit inside a regular polygon
Intersecting point of a triangle's three medians

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