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DescriptionType of Theater
Traditional Japanese comic theater/performed along with Noh as an intermission of sorts between Noh acts/sometimes compared to the Italian commedia dell'arte
Particular Japanese Noh, combining play/dance with Shinto ritual/sacred rite, in which the actors perform divine figures who dance for peace, prosperity, and safety across the land
Form of traditional Japanese puppet theatre founded in Osaka in 1684/puppeteers, chanters, & shamisen musicians perform/also known as Ningyō jōruri
Classical Japanese dance-drama/literally 'sing, dance, skill'/known for stylization of drama & elaborate make-up worn by performers/began in 1603 in Kyoto/only women initially
Orchestral music performed at Imperial court since Heian period (794-1185AD)
Classical musical drama performed since 14th century/developed by Kan'ami & son Zeami/oldest major theater still performed today/uses masks/codified by iemoto system
Style of dance developed in Japan in 1950's & 60's after WW2/slow movement, semi-nude w/white body paint & shaved heads
Founder or current Grand Master of a certain school of traditional Japanese art/describes hierarchical system belonging to specific family in an art (tea ceremony, noh, ikebana...)

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