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Sethe escapes from slavery in KY to OH but when a posse comes to return her, she kills her daughter/years later a woman presumed to be the dead daughter comes to haunt herBeloved
Author's first novel. Narrated from the viewpoint of Claudia MacTeer who deals with the black Pecola who develops an inferiority complex and wants to be white with blue eyesThe Bluest Eye
2nd book in trilogy/set in 1920's Harlem/Joe Trace murders lover Dorcas & his wife Violet stabs her with knife at her funeral/Golden Gray, Alice Manfred, FeliceJazz
3rd in trilogy/author wanted to call it 'War'/famous first line 'They shoot the white girl first'/set in Ruby, OK all black town founded in 1950Paradise
'Milkman' Dead III/nicknamed b/c of breastfeeding/Ruth (mother) & Macon (father) have bad relationship/friend Guitar tries to kill him/sisters Pilate, First Corinthians, & LenaSong of Solomon
Set in the Bottom (mostly black neighborhood in OH)/title character is friends w/Nel as children but has affair w/her husband Jude later/Shadrak celebrates Nat'l Suicide DaySula
Jadine is beautiful Black American Sorbonne grad cared for by Streets (wealthy white fam)/Son is poor Black Amer. who meets Jadine in Caribbean/love affair, come to US & struggleTar Baby
Tells of several women including Christine (granddaughter) & Heed (widow) & their relationship to dead hotel owner Bill Cosey/Junior is medium who connects Cosey to the livingLove
Frank Money (24 yr old African-American Korean War vet)/experiences 1 yr after discharge from integrated Army to segregated homelandHome
Jacob Vaark & wife Rebekka live on farm in NY/own slave girl Florens/Native American Lina/Rebekka came from Europe to marry Jacob w/out meeting him/their children die/set in 1692A Mercy

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