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Hugh Conway finds love & inner peace in Shangri-La a secret valley in Tibet that gives long life/Conway is troubled WW1 vet whose plane crashes in TibetJames Hilton
Midlife crisis of title character/2 failed marriages/writes letters in his head that he never sends/attempts to regain custody of daughter/takes responsibility for his lifeSaul Bellow
Describes author's education at NYU and time as an Enlgish teacher at Stuyvesant High School/Attempts to gain doctorate at Trinity College/Leaves his wife due to strainFrank McCourt
Mr Verloc has title occupation/Verloc is assigned to destroy Greenwich observatory/his brother-in-law dies in explosion/he confesses and is killed by his wife/She drowns herselfJoseph Conrad
1930s Moscow and Jerusalem of Pontus Pilot/ Satan appears at Patriarch ponds as Professor Woland/ Margarita, a mistress, is given supernatural powers by Woland/ She and master die Mikhail Bulgakov
Autobiography of author from childhood to age 19/Title refers to his mother/Concerns the hard conditions of living and growing up in Ireland/Ends with author's immigration to USAFrank McCourt
Retelling of King Lear/Larry Cook attempts to leave his farm to his daughters Ginny, Rose, and Caroline/Revealed that the father has sexually abused his two oldest daughtersJane Smiley
Charles Strickland leaves wife & family to become artist in Paris/uses Blanche as model but rejects her affection/she commits suicide/Strickland's magnum opus is burned after deathW. Somerset Maugham
Unfinished last novel/Roman a clef about Irving Thalberg/Monroe Stahr's rise to power in Hollywood against his rival Pat BradyF. Scott Fitzgerald
John takes a trip to San Lorenzo which is under the control of a dictator/People on the island participate in the Bonokonism religion/Substance ice-nine freezes things on contactKurt Vonnegut
Francis Phelan leaves his family after accidentally killing his son while drunk during the Great Depression/Focuses on his return to Albany, New YorkWilliam Kennedy
Oedipa Maxx searches for the Trystero, an underground postal delivery service/Encounters a scientist who claims to have created Maxwell's demonThomas Pynchon
Dick Diver a psychoanalyst takes on Nicole as a patient/They become married/Relationship is turbulent/Dick cheats on her with RosemaryF. Scott Fitzgerald
Author committed suicide before its publishing/Stand alone chapters/Stories of workers in the IRS/Literary discussion of tax codesDavid Foster Wallace
Sequel to Angela's Ashes/struggles to survive in US/enlists in Army/becomes corporal/visits Ireland/returns to US/attends NYU/becomes English teacher/marries Alberta SmallFrank McCourt
Alien monolith awakens intelligence in hominids/rediscovered on the moon/David Bowman escapes Discovery One & HAL/becomes immortal Star Child/detonates nuclear bomb at endArthur C Clarke
Mack and his friends throw a party for Doc who has been kind to them/Party goes wrong and Doc is made angry/They throw another party to make it up to himJohn Steinbeck
Chapters can be read in any order (Non-linear)/Beat generation/William Lee flees police/goes to interzone/meets Dr. Benway/Totalitarian gov of Annexia/Lee kills pursuing officersWilliam S Burroughs (credited to Kerouac)
The story of Gary Gilmore's childhood deliquency and murder through interview and court proceedings/He is eventially condemned to die by the state of UtahNorman Mailer
Sequel to The Tin Drum/Mahlke and his friends meet on a half sunken minesweeper every summer/Steals and receives an Iron Cross/Deserts enlistment/Dives into the minesweeper & diesGunter Grass
Bigger Thomas works for the white Dalton family/Kills their daughter Mary/Burns body in fireplace/Rapes and murders Bessie/Caught and sentenced to death for murderRichard Wright
Novella about the life of beloved schoolteacher/taught 43 yrs at Brookfield Grammar School (Brit boarding school)/called Chips by faculty & Ditchy by students/made into 2 moviesJames Hilton

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