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1678 work from which the term 'muckraker' is taken/term was popularized in 1906 speech by T RooseveltJohn Bunyan
1893 novella published under pseudonym Johnston Smith/story of young girl working in shirt factory driven to prostitution by poverty & cruelty of other in tenementStephen Crane
1905 article which revealed fraudulent claims & endorsements of patent medicines in America/used example of tonic called PerunaSamuel Hopkins Adams
1876 work based on NY Tribune articles recounting authors experiences as an inmate of Bloomingdale Asylum/admitted by friends undercover to get storyJulius Chambers
1881 book chronicling the experiences of Native Americans in US/sent copy to every member of Congress/tribal histories of 7 different tribesHelen Hunt Jackson
1861 autobiography documenting author's life as a slave & her gaining freedom/discussed sexual abuse/parts were published in Greeley's NY TribuneHarriet Ann Jacobs (pseud. Linda Brent)
1906 novel about exploited Lithuanian immigrants in Chicago/revealed conditions in meatpacking industry/depicts working class poverty/1st in socialist newspaper Appeal to ReasonUpton Sinclair
1904 expose of John D. Rockefeller's oil company/serialized in 19 parts in McClure's Magazine/led to breakup of company under Sherman Antitrust ActIda Tarbell
1961 work by a white journalist who posed as a black man/financed by Sepia Magazine/title taken from Hughes poem Dream Variations/Griffin moved to Mexico for safetyJohn Griffin
1904 collection of articles for McClure's Magazine/reported on corruct political machines in US cities/contains Tweed Days in St. LouisLincoln Steffens
Used photojournalism to document squalid living conditions in NY City slums in 1880'sJacob Riis
1903 article in McClure's Magazine about coal mine conditions, a coal strike, & situation of non-striking workers (scabs)/exposed dangerous conditions & dangers faced by scabsRay Stannard Baker
1887 expose of insane asylum of NY's Bellevue Hospital/spent 10 days undercover for Pulitzer's NY WorldNellie Bly

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