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QUIZ: Can you name the Spanish/Hispanic authors?

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Forced Order
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Betrayed by Rita Hayworth/Heartbreak Tango/The Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Nicknamed 'The Phoenix of Wits' & 'Prodigy of Nature'/wrote over 1800 plays/The Widow of Valencia/The Gardener's Dog/Fenisa's Hook/The Stupid Lady/Justice Without Revenge
Maria Luisa/The Air Wheel/The Losers/The Flies/The New Bourgeoisie/The Unreliable Sea/ The Woman Shrew/The Lost Roads/The Underdogs
Our House in the Last World/The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love/Empress of the Splendid Season/Dark Dude/Thoughts without Cigarettes
Luna Silvestre/The Labyrinth of Solitude
The Time of the Hero/Conversation in the Cathedral/The War of the End of the World/The Temptation of the Impossible/Aunt Julia and the Script Writer
Novelas Ejemplares (Exemplary Novels)/The Labors of Persiles and Sigismunda/Viaje del Parnaso/La Numancia/Don Quixote
The Death of Artemio Cruz/The Old Gringo/Aura/Terra Nostra/Christopher Unborn/A New Time for Mexico/The Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain and the New Wold
Love, Honor, & Power/The Phantom Lady/Life is a Dream/The Mayor of Zalamea/The Surgeon of His Honor/The Banquet of King Balthasar/The Great Theater of the World/The World Is a Fair
Like Water for Chocolate/The Law of Love/Swift as Desire/Malinche
Cuban novelist & musicologist/The Kingdom of This World/The Music of Cuba/The War of Time/coined 'Magic Realism'
The Blood Wedding/Yerma/The House of Bernardo Alba/Dreams of My Cousin Aurelia (unfinished)/Gypsy Ballads/Poet in New York/Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter
Nicaraguan poet/Father of Modernismo/real name Felix Garcia Sarmiento/nickname Prince of Castilian Letters/Azul.../A Roosevelt/Songs of Life & Hope/The Song of Fall in Spring
Leaf Storm/Chronicle of a Death Foretold/Living to Tell the Tale/Memories of My Melancholy ****/Autumn of the Patriarch/Love in the Time of Cholera/One Hundred Years of Solitude
The Aleph/Ficciones/A Universal History of Infamy/The Conspirators
My Invented Country/Daughter of Fortune/The Sum of Our Days/Paula/The Infinite Plan/Eva Luna/The House of the Spirits

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