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Can you name the short stories by their synopses?

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SynopsisShort StoryAuthor
Homeless Soapy tries but fails to get arrested to stay at jail/after having an epiphany outside a church to turn his life around he is arrested for loitering/imprisoned 3 monthsO. Henry
Semi-autobiographical/set year after stock market crash (1929)/flashbacks to 'Jazz Age'/how character adapted to Great Depression/alcoholic man tries to regain custody of his childF Scott Fitzgerald
Olga Dymov is socialite married to Osip (doctor)/she has affair w/Ryabovsky & despises husband/when he catches diphtheria she repents/he dies - she realizes his greatness too lateAnton Chekhov
Title character & wife Margot big game hunting in Africa w/Wilson/wife shoots him b/c he panicks when charged by lion & sleeps w/Wilson/kills him shooting at buffalo next dayErnest Hemmingway
Desiree marries Armand/have a child w/dark skin/believed to be black/Armand scorns Desiree for adultry & dismisses her/she takes the baby into a bayou never to be seen againKate Chopin
Title character gives 4 old friends water from fountain of youth that turns them young/despite age, they begin acting like foolish youths/effects wear off/go in search of fountainNathaniel Hawthorne
Chekhov's best known short story/Dmitri Gurov (older man) has many affairs & devalues women/falls in love & has affair w/Anna Sergeyevna (younger woman) in Yalta/both marriedAnton Chekhov
Texas marshall Jack Potter returns home with new bride/gunslinger Scratchy Wilson drunkenly plans to attack him/changes mind after seeing him w/brideStephen Crane
Point in space that contains all other points/can see universe from all angles/Daneri has one he is using to finish poem/narrarator sees it & thinks Daneri is trying to kill himJorge Luis Borges
A secret committe in title location exiles John Oakhurst, the Duchess, Mother Shipton & Uncle Billy for 'immorality'/they meet Piney Woods and fiancee Tom Simson/stuck in snowstormBret Harte
Dee explores her African heritage after dating Hakim-a-barber/Mama refuses her the family quilts promising them to shy younger sister MaggieAlice Walker
Scully owns Palace Hotel/Swede from NY, Bill (cowboy), Mr. Blanc play cards/Swede is paranoid about being attacked/others discuss possible reasons why when he goes upstairsStephen Crane
Jimmy Valentine (alias Ralph Spencer)/expert safecracker/released from prison/pursued by inspector Price/goes clean/weds Annabel Adams/starts shoe store/cracks safe to save girlO. Henry
SynopsisShort StoryAuthor
Wife (namesake) falls ill, composes 'The Conqueror Worm' and dies/narrator marries Lady Rowena/she dies/narrator sees her come back from dead but as 1st wifeEdgar Allan Poe
Legrand bitten by title creature/servant Jupiter gets Legrand's friend/Legrand deciphers secret message-they look for Capt Kidd's buried treasure/popularized ciphersEdgar Allan Poe
Harry dying of gangrene on mountain goes thru series of memories/spends time w/wife Helen & dies at end/split narration: reality & dreamErnest Hemmingway
The Narrarator moves in with Almira Todd, an apothecary/Later moves out and rents a schoolhouse where she can focus on her work/Has a discussion with a ship captainSarah Orne Jewett
Isaac McCaslin hunts Old Ben w/Ben Hogganback and Lion the dog/they kill him but Lion & Sam are killed/Isaac inherits but renounces McCaslin estateWilliam Faulkner
A man labors to dream a man into existence and succeeds with help from the Fire god/later when about to be consumed by fire he realizes he is only someone else's dreamJorges Luis Borges
Gavin Stephens is sent by Millie Beauchamp to find her grandson Samuel/he is executed in IL/Gavin brings body back to Yoknapatawpha County for burial/new attitude toward blacksWilliam Faulkner
Collection of short stories containing the collections The Garden of Forking Paths and ArtificesJorges Luis Borges
Prince Prospero hides with other nobles in his abbey to escape titular disease/at maquerade mysterious figure disguised as disease victim appears who kills them allEdgar Allan Poe
Free Staters & Republicans of Ireland at war/sniper lights cigarette on parapet & is shot at/enemy shoots his hat & thinks he's dead/checks body & is killed/was his brotherLiam O'Flaherty
Aylmer is a scientist who drops his work to marry Georgianna/She is perfect except for the titular blemish/He makes a potion to remove it/When it fades entirely, she diesNathaniel Hawthorne
Young ship captain in Brit cargo ship off Siam (Thailand) rescues escaped convict from nearby ship/convict was sailor arrested for killing another sailor in fightJoseph Conrad
Set in computerized house in 2026 in city destroyed by nukes/house functions though humans are gone/burns at end/title from Sara Teasdale poemRay Bradbury (Martian Chronicles)

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