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Can you name the short stories by their synopses?

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SynopsisShort StoryAuthor
John Unger is invited to visit schoolmate Percy's house in Montana, where his family owns a mountain consisting of one diamond/F. Scott Fitzgerald
Stella-Rondo and Shirley-T return home to China Grove, MS/Sister moves to title structure b/c Stella-Rondo turns Mama and Papa Daddy against herEudora Welty
Elderly African-American Phoenix Jackson walks through the woods to Natchez Mississippi to get medicine for her grandson who swallowed lyeEudora Welty
Narrator describes murder of old man with 'vulture eye' whom he dismembered & hid under floorboards/he begins to hear ringing which he believes to be the man's heartbeat/confesses Edgar Allan Poe
Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves prepare slips of paper the night before/Bill Hutchison draws the paper with the black spot/Tessie the draws the marked slip and is stoned to deathShirley Jackson
A deaf old man stays in the title location late into the night/younger waiter hurries home to his wife/older waiter keeps the old man companyErnest Hemmingway
Narrator kills wife with axe after she stops him from killing titular creature/seals her body in a brick wall but unknowingly seals creature as well/creature's wail gives him awayEdgar Allan Poe
Title character takes night journey/meets older man w/black serpent-shaped staff & Goody Cloyse/hears wifes voice/witnesses a forest ritual that corrupts his view of ChristianityNathaniel Hawthorne
Post-apocalyptic/Forest People battle more advanced Hill People/John (tribal priest) travels from home near Hudson River to forbidden area (New York City)Stephen Vincent Benet
Man vs Nature story/inexperienced man attempts to travel through Yukon but gets soaked and dies trying to meet friendsJack London
A Paduan scientist nurtures his daughter on poisonous plants/neighbor Giovanni drinks antidote gives it to Beatrice and she dies/included in Mosses and ManseNathaniel Hawthorne
Cherokee Sal dies in childbirth but gives birth to namesake character in a poor gold-prospecting camp/miners believe the boy brings good luck but he dies with Kentuck in a floodBret Harte
Montressor takes revenge on Fortunato whom he lures into a wine cellar and immures there/leaving him to starve to deathEdgar Allan Poe
Sanger Rainsford falls off ship and lands on Zaroff's island where he is hunted like wild animal/kills ZaroffRichard Connell
SynopsisShort StoryAuthor
Narrator visits his friend Roderick & his sister Madelaine/after a cataleptic fit Roderick buries her in family vault but knows she's alive/she escapes and both die/house collapsesEdgar Allan Poe
Set in 2081/Handicapper General ensures all Americans are completely equal/mother Hazel can't think for extended periods/father George wears radio to counteract intelligenceKurt Vonnegut
Narrator is condemned by Spanish Inquisition/in cell escapes from one device when rats chew through ropes only to have red hot wall push him toward pit/rescued by FrenchEdgar Allan Poe
Banker & lawyer bet 2 million rubles that lawyer can't spend 15 years in solitary confinement/studies & renounces worldy things/banker plans to kill him b/c bet will bankrupt himAnton Chekhov
Based upon author's experience surviving shipwreck off FL coast/4 men (correspondent, captain, cook, oiler) try to get to shore in dinghy after shipwreck/Billie (oiler) diesStephen Crane
Kino discovers title object but buyers attempt to rip him off/he & Juana seek treatment for son Coyotito for scorpion biteJohn Steinbeck
An allegory of the US and Soviet Union nuclear arms race/neighboring Chinese villages constantly reshape their wallsRay Bradbury
Title character loves Homer Barron, a Northern foreman who takes her on Sunday drives in buggy/upon death townspeople discover she poisoned him & stored corpse in upstairs bedroomWilliam Faulkner
Title character is left at the altar by George/she longs for her children Cornelia, Hapsy, Lydia, & Jimmy as she prepares to dieKatherine Anne Porter
Grandmother convinces son Bailey to take family to east Tennessee/after wrecking car Misfit and 2 other escaped convicts shoot entire familyFlannery O'Connor
Peyton Farquhar a confederate sympathizer is senteced to hang from title location/imagines the rope breaks and he escapes but is actually hung and diesAmbrose Bierce
Paul convinces Uncle Oscar Cresswell & Bassett to bet on racehorses/he rides childhood toy to determine Derby winner/wins 80,000 pounds & dies that nightD.H. Lawrence
Bill Driscoll and Sam abduct Johnny (9 year old son of Ebenezer Dorset)/he terrorizes his captors into releasing himO. Henry

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