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SynopsisShort StoryAuthor
Grandmother convinces son Bailey to take family to east Tennessee/after wrecking car Misfit and 2 other escaped convicts shoot entire familyFlannery O'Connor
Man vs Nature story/inexperienced man attempts to travel through Yukon but gets soaked and dies trying to meet friendsJack London
Rider a strong, large negro on McCaslin plantation buries his wife quickly when she dies/kills Birdsong at sawmill for cheating at dice/Isaac & Roth discuss 'spirit buck'William Faulkner
An allegory of the US and Soviet Union nuclear arms race/neighboring Chinese villages constantly reshape their wallsRay Bradbury
Point in space that contains all other points/can see universe from all angles/Daneri has one he is using to finish poem/narrarator sees it & thinks Daneri is trying to kill himJorge Luis Borges
Jimmy Valentine (alias Ralph Spencer)/expert safecracker/released from prison/pursued by inspector Price/goes clean/weds Annabel Adams/starts shoe store/cracks safe to save girlO. Henry
1929 short story which first proposed the 6 Degrees of Separation conceptFrigyes Karinthy (Hungarian)
Wife (namesake) falls ill, composes 'The Conqueror Worm' and dies/narrator marries Lady Rowena/she dies/narrator sees her come back from dead but as 1st wifeEdgar Allan Poe
Montressor takes revenge on Fortunato whom he lures into a wine cellar and immures there/leaving him to starve to deathEdgar Allan Poe
Narrator describes murder of old man with 'vulture eye' whom he dismembered & hid under floorboards/he begins to hear ringing which he believes to be the man's heartbeat/confesses Edgar Allan Poe
Texas marshall Jack Potter returns home with new bride/gunslinger Scratchy Wilson drunkenly plans to attack him/changes mind after seeing him w/brideStephen Crane
Semi-autobiographical/set year after stock market crash (1929)/flashbacks to 'Jazz Age'/how character adapted to Great Depression/alcoholic man tries to regain custody of his childF Scott Fitzgerald
Desiree marries Armand/have a child w/dark skin/believed to be black/Armand scorns Desiree for adultry & dismisses her/she takes the baby into a bayou never to be seen againKate Chopin
Collection of short stories containing the collections The Garden of Forking Paths and ArtificesJorges Luis Borges
A man labors to dream a man into existence and succeeds with help from the Fire god/later when about to be consumed by fire he realizes he is only someone else's dreamJorges Luis Borges
A secret committe in title location exiles John Oakhurst, the Duchess, Mother Shipton & Uncle Billy for 'immorality'/they meet Piney Woods and fiancee Tom Simson/stuck in snowstormBret Harte
Bill Driscoll and Sam abduct Johnny (9 year old son of Ebenezer Dorset)/he terrorizes his captors into releasing himO. Henry
John Unger is invited to visit schoolmate Percy's house in Montana, where his family owns a mountain consisting of one diamond/F. Scott Fitzgerald
Collection of 7 related pieces of short fiction, sometimes considered a novel/most prominent character is Isaac McCaslin (Uncle Ike)/McCaslin & Beauchamp familiesWilliam Faulkner
Isaac McCaslin hunts Old Ben w/Ben Hogganback and Lion the dog/they kill him but Lion & Sam are killed/Isaac inherits but renounces McCaslin estateWilliam Faulkner
Prince Prospero hides with other nobles in his abbey to escape titular disease/at maquerade mysterious figure disguised as disease victim appears who kills them allEdgar Allan Poe
SynopsisShort StoryAuthor
Paul convinces Uncle Oscar Cresswell & Bassett to bet on racehorses/he rides childhood toy to determine Derby winner/wins 80,000 pounds & dies that nightD.H. Lawrence
Based upon author's experience surviving shipwreck off FL coast/4 men (correspondent, captain, cook, oiler) try to get to shore in dinghy after shipwreck/Billie (oiler) diesStephen Crane
Stella-Rondo and Shirley-T return home to China Grove, MS/Sister moves to title structure b/c Stella-Rondo turns Mama and Papa Daddy against herEudora Welty
Narrator kills wife with axe after she stops him from killing titular creature/seals her body in a brick wall but unknowingly seals creature as well/creature's wail gives him awayEdgar Allan Poe
Harry dying of gangrene on mountain goes thru series of memories/spends time w/wife Helen & dies at end/split narration: reality & dreamErnest Hemmingway
Aylmer is a scientist who drops his work to marry Georgianna/She is perfect except for the titular blemish/He makes a potion to remove it/When it fades entirely, she diesNathaniel Hawthorne
Post-apocalyptic/Forest People battle more advanced Hill People/John (tribal priest) travels from home near Hudson River to forbidden area (New York City)Stephen Vincent Benet
Title character & wife Margot big game hunting in Africa w/Wilson/wife shoots him b/c he panicks when charged by lion & sleeps w/Wilson/kills him shooting at buffalo next dayErnest Hemmingway
Young city girl Sylvia comes to live w/grandmother in country/meet ornithologist hunter seeking rare bird/she sees it/can't decide whether to tell him/discovers passion for countrySarah Orne Jewett
Dee explores her African heritage after dating Hakim-a-barber/Mama refuses her the family quilts promising them to shy younger sister MaggieAlice Walker
Homeless Soapy tries but fails to get arrested to stay at jail/after having an epiphany outside a church to turn his life around he is arrested for loitering/imprisoned 3 monthsO Henry
Set in computerized house in 2026 in city destroyed by nukes/house functions though humans are gone/burns at end/title from Sara Teasdale poemRay Bradbury (Martian Chronicles)
Shakyamuni looks thru lotus-pond in Paradise & sees Hell/Buddha gives Kandata (criminal) title object to climb out of Pool of Blood/breaks when he tells others it's his aloneRyƫnosuke Akutagawa
Thomas Wilson leaves work in London/moves to Island of Capri in Italy/lives simply/sets up 25 yr annuity/tries to kill himself when $ runs out but fails/dies after 6 yrs of povertyW Somerset Maugham
Set in 2081/Handicapper General ensures all Americans are completely equal/mother Hazel can't think for extended periods/father George wears radio to counteract intelligenceKurt Vonnegut
Elderly African-American Phoenix Jackson walks through the woods to Natchez Mississippi to get medicine for her grandson who swallowed lyeEudora Welty
Lucas Beauchamp allows daughter to marry Wilkins b/c he frames him with distillery/Lucas finds gold coin & searches for treasure/black & white sides of McCaslin familyWilliam Faulkner
A deaf old man stays in the title location late into the night/younger waiter hurries home to his wife/older waiter keeps the old man companyErnest Hemmingway
Cherokee Sal dies in childbirth but gives birth to namesake character in a poor gold-prospecting camp/miners believe the boy brings good luck but he dies with Kentuck in a floodBret Harte
Chekhov's best known short story/Dmitri Gurov (older man) has many affairs & devalues women/falls in love & has affair w/Anna Sergeyevna (younger woman) in Yalta/both marriedAnton Chekhov
Scully owns Palace Hotel/Swede from NY, Bill (cowboy), Mr. Blanc play cards/Swede is paranoid about being attacked/others discuss possible reasons why when he goes upstairsStephen Crane
SynopsisShort StoryAuthor
Title character loves Homer Barron, a Northern foreman who takes her on Sunday drives in buggy/upon death townspeople discover she poisoned him & stored corpse in upstairs bedroomWilliam Faulkner
Kino discovers title object but buyers attempt to rip him off/he & Juana seek treatment for son Coyotito for scorpion biteJohn Steinbeck
Young ship captain in Brit cargo ship off Siam (Thailand) rescues escaped convict from nearby ship/convict was sailor arrested for killing another sailor in fightJoseph Conrad
Olga Dymov is socialite married to Osip (doctor)/she has affair w/Ryabovsky & despises husband/when he catches diphtheria she repents/he dies - she realizes his greatness too lateAnton Chekhov
A Paduan scientist nurtures his daughter on poisonous plants/neighbor Giovanni drinks antidote gives it to Beatrice and she dies/included in Mosses and ManseNathaniel Hawthorne
Sanger Rainsford falls off ship and lands on Zaroff's island where he is hunted like wild animal/kills ZaroffRichard Connell
Title character is left at the altar by George/she longs for her children Cornelia, Hapsy, Lydia, & Jimmy as she prepares to dieKatherine Anne Porter
Banker & lawyer bet 2 million rubles that lawyer can't spend 15 years in solitary confinement/studies & renounces worldy things/banker plans to kill him b/c bet will bankrupt himAnton Chekhov
Isaac McCaslin is hunting w/Roth Edmonds/dark skinned woman w/baby comes to see Roth/Roth has given Ike money to give her to send her away/Ike reflects on sins of McCaslin familyWilliam Faulkner
Free Staters & Republicans of Ireland at war/sniper lights cigarette on parapet & is shot at/enemy shoots his hat & thinks he's dead/checks body & is killed/was his brotherLiam O'Flaherty
The Narrarator moves in with Almira Todd, an apothecary/Later moves out and rents a schoolhouse where she can focus on her work/Has a discussion with a ship captainSarah Orne Jewett
Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves prepare slips of paper the night before/Bill Hutchison draws the paper with the black spot/Tessie the draws the marked slip and is stoned to deathShirley Jackson
Title character gives 4 old friends water from fountain of youth that turns them young/despite age, they begin acting like foolish youths/effects wear off/go in search of fountainNathaniel Hawthorne
Legrand bitten by title creature/servant Jupiter gets Legrand's friend/Legrand deciphers secret message-they look for Capt Kidd's buried treasure/popularized ciphersEdgar Allan Poe
Peyton Farquhar a confederate sympathizer is senteced to hang from title location/imagines the rope breaks and he escapes but is actually hung and diesAmbrose Bierce
Gavin Stephens is sent by Millie Beauchamp to find her grandson Samuel/he is executed in IL/Gavin brings body back to Yoknapatawpha County for burial/new attitude toward blacksWilliam Faulkner
Narrator is condemned by Spanish Inquisition/in cell escapes from one device when rats chew through ropes only to have red hot wall push him toward pit/rescued by FrenchEdgar Allan Poe
Narrator visits his friend Roderick & his sister Madelaine/after a cataleptic fit Roderick buries her in family vault but knows she's alive/she escapes and both die/house collapsesEdgar Allan Poe
Yoshihide commissioned by Lord Horikawa to paint Buddhist hell/totures apprentices to paint suffering/wants lady burnt in carriage but it's his daughter/finishes & commits suicideRyƫnosuke Akutagawa

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