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life of George Willard/The Book of the Grotesque/Hands/Paper Pills/The Strength of God/Queer/The Untold Lie/Mother/The Thinker/The Man of Ideas/An AwakeningSherwood Anderson
includes 15 stories from Dark Carnival/The Dwarf/The Next in Line/The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse/Skeleton/The Lake/The Small Assassin/Jack-in-the-Box/The ScytheRay Bradbury
A Perfect Day for Bananafish/For Esmé – with Love and Squalor/Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut/Teddy/The Laughing Man/Just Before the War with the Eskimos/Down at the DinghyJD Salinger
The Author's Account of Himself/The Voyage/Rip Van Winkle/The Spectre Bridegroom/Westminster Abbey/A Sunday in London/The Legend of Sleepy HollowWashington Irving
Désirée's Baby/At the 'Cadian Ball/A No-Account Creole/Beyond the Bayou/Madame Celistin's Divorce/A Wizard from Gettysburg/Ma'ame Pelagie/A Lady of Bayou St JohnKate Chopin
I CAN SPEAK!/My Flamboyant Grandson/Jon/My Amendment/The Red Bow/Bohemians/CommCommGeorge Saunders
Greenleaf/A View of the Woods/The Enduring Chill/The Comforts of Home/The Lame Shall Enter First/Revelation/Parker's Back/Judgment DayFlannery O'Connor
13 stories set in Crosby, Maine/Pharmacy/Incoming Tide/The Piano Player/A Little Burst/Starving/A Different Road/Winter Concert/Tulips/Basket of Trips/Ship in a Bottle/RiverElizabeth Strout
Amundsen/Corrie/Dear Life/Gravel/Haven/Leaving Maverly/DollyAlice Munro
Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius/The Approach to Al-Mu'tasim/Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote/The Garden of Forking Paths/The Library of Babel/Death and the CompassJorge Luis Borges
The River/The Life You Save May Be Your Own/A Stroke of Good Fortune/A Temple of the Holy Ghost/A Circle in the Fire/A Late Encounter with the Enemy/Good Country PeoopleFlannery O'Connor
Tobin's Palm/The Gift of the Magi/A Cosmopolite in a Cafe/The Skylight Room/The Coming-Out of Maggie/The Cop and the Anthem/Memoirs of a Yellow Dog/The Caliph, Cupid and the ClockO. Henry
Victory Lap/Sticks/Puppy/Escape from Spiderhead/Exhortation/Al Roosten/The Semplica Girl Diaries/Home/My Chivalric FiascoGeorge Saunders
Mister Squishy/The Soul Is Not a Smithy/Incarnations of Burned Children/Another Pioneer/Good Old Neon/Philosophy & the Mirror of Nature/The Suffering ChannelDavid Foster Wallace (3rd & final SS collection)
Contained 4 new stories along w/all from previous short story collections: Flowering Judas/Pale Horse, Pale Rider/The Leaning TowerKatherine Anne Porter
A Temporary Matter/When Mr Pirzada Came to Dine/A Real Durwan/Sexy/Mrs Sen's/The Blessed House/The Treatment of Bibi Haldar/The Third and Final ContinentJhumpa Lahiri
translated by Irby/contains many from Ficciones/Deutsches Requiem/Averroes' Search/The Zahir/The Waiting/The God's ScriptJorge Luis Borges
The Immortal/The Dead Man/The Theologians/THe House of Asterion/The Wait/The Writing of God/The Man on the Threshold/Story of the Warrior and the CaptiveJorge Luis Borges
The Sisters/An Encounter/Araby/Eveline/After the Race/Two Gallants/The Boarding House/A Little Cloud/Counterparts/Clay/A Painful Case/Ivy Day in the Committee Room/The DeaJames Joyce
1st work published/The Homecoming/Skeleton/The Jar/The Small Assassin/Jack-in-the-Box/The Scythe/Let's Play Poison/Uncle Einar/The Next in LineRay Bradbury
The Wedding-Knell/The Minister's Black Veil/The May-Pole of Merry Mount/The Great Carbuncle/Dr Heidegger's Experiment/Lady Eleanore's Mantle/The Haunted Mind/The Ambitious GuestNathaniel Hawthorne
The Veldt/Kaleidoscope/The Other Foot/The Highway/The Man/The Long Rain/The Rocket Man/The Fire Balloons/The Exiles/Marionettes, Inc/The Rocket/Zero HourRay Bradbury
The Great Stone Face/Ethan Brand/The Man of Adamant/Old Ticonderoga/Little Daffydowndilly/My Kinsman, Major MolineuxNathaniel Hawthorne
At the Bay/The Daughters of the Late Colonel/Mr and Mrs Dove/Life of Ma Parker/Marriage à la Mode/The Voyage/Miss Brill/Her First Ball/The StrangerKatherine Mansfield
Ysrael/Fiesta, 1980/Aurora/Aguantando/Boyfriend/Edison, New Jersey/How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie/No Face/NegociosJuno Díaz
Hell-Heaven/A Choice of Accomodations/Only Goodness/Nobody's Business/Hema and Kaushik (3 parts: Once in a Lifetime/Year's End/Going Ashore)Jhumpa Lahiri
The 1st Seven Years/The Mourners/The Girl of My Dreams/Angel Levine/Behold the Key/Take Pity/The Prison/The Lady of the Lake/A Summer's Reading/The Bill/The Last Mohican/The LoanBernard Malamud
My Watch/The Jumping Frog/Science vs Luck/The Siamese Twins/A Ghost Story/First Interview with Artemus Ward/Cannibalism in the CarsMark Twain
Rocket Summer/Ylla/The Summer Night/-And the Moon Be Still as Bright/There Will Come Soft Rains/The Fire Balloons/The Million-Year PicnicRay Bradbury
Was/The Fire and the Hearth/Pantaloon in Black/The Old People/The Bear/Delta AutumnWilliam Faulkner
Belles Demoiselles Plantation/Madam Délicieuse/Jean-ah Pouquelin/Posson Jone/Tite Poulette/'Sieur George/Cafe des ExilesGeorge Washington Cable
The Old Manse/The Birth-Mark/Young Goodman Brown/Rappaccini's Daughter/Egotism: or, The Bosom-Serpent/Roger Malvin's Burial/The Artist of the Beautiful/A Virtuoso's CollectionNathaniel Hawthorne
Lily Daw & the Three Ladies/A Piece of News/Petrified Man/Why I Live at the PO/Flowers for Marjorie/A Worn Path/The Hitch-Hikers/Death of a Traveling SalesmanEudora Welty (1st SS collection)
also TV sitcom/What Do You Mean It Was Brillig?/The Macbeth Murder Mystery/The Whip-Poor-Will/A Friend to Alexander/The Secret Life of Walter MittyJames Thurber
4 parts are: The Innocents Abroad/ The Bostonians & Other Manifestations of the American Scene/Cowboys & Indians, & Magic Mountains/Manhattan IslandJean Stafford
Robbie/Runaround/Reason/Catch That Rabbit/Liar!/Little Lost Robot/Escape!/Evidence/The Evitable ConflictIsaac Asimov
Floating Bridge/Family Furnishings/Comfort/Nettles/The Bear Came Over the MountainAlice Munro
Why I Like Country Music/The Story of a Dead Man/The Silver Bullet/The Faithful/Problems of Art/The Story of a Scar/I Am an American/Widows and Orphans/A Loaf of Bread/title storyJames Alan McPherson
'for Beauford Delaney' (Harlem Ren. painter)/The Rockpile/The Outing/The Man Child/Previous Condition/Sonny's Blues/This Morning, This Evening, So Soon/Come Out the WildernessJames Baldwin
Name either of the 2 works in which the author retells Greek myths for childrenNathaniel Hawthorne
8 stories (3 about Juliet Henderson)/Chance/Soon/Silence/Passion/Trespasses/TricksAlice Munro
Athenaise/After the Winter/A Matter of Prejudice/A Dresden Lady in Dixie/Neg Creol/Mamouche/Dead Men's Shoes/A Respectable Woman/Ripe Figs/Ozeme's HolidayKate Chopin
The Sun, The Moon, The Stars/Nilda/Alma/Otravida, Otravez/Flaca/The Pura Principle/Invierno/Miss Lora/The Cheater's Guide to LoveJuno Díaz
originally 7 copies (all handwritten)/The Wizard and the Hopping Pot/The Fountain of Fair Fortune/The Warlock's Hairy Heart/Babbitty Rabbitty and Her Cackling StumpJK Rowling
The Dead Hand Loves You/Lusus Naturae/I Dream of Zenia w/the Bright Red Teeth (sequel to The Robber Bride)/The Freeze-Dried Groom/Alphinland/Revenant/Torching the Dusties/Dark LadyMargaret Atwood
semi-autobiographical/Love/Spin/On the Rainy River/Enemies and Friends/How to Tell a True War Story/The Dentist/Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong/The Man I Killed/The Lives of the DeadTim O'Brien

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