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What is being measuredScale
Logarithmic scale introduced in 1990 by the IAEA to measure impact of nuclear disasters
Hurricane winde scale
Measures dryness based on recent precipitation and temperature
Tornado intensity based primarily on damage caused to man-made structures and vegetaion
Relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea or on land/rates from 1 to 12 w/later additions of 13-17 primarily for typhoons
Rates tornadoes in US & Canada based on the damage caused/implemented in 2007
Developed in the 1970's to replace the Richter scale/logarithmic scale w/increase of 1 unit is 32 times greater/based on seismic moment of earthquake/used in US since 2002
Logarithmic scale developed in 1930's that measures earthquake energy (w/increase of 1 unit is 32 times greater energy)
Created in 1982 by Chris Newhall & Stephen Self/measures explosiveness of volcanoes on 0-8 scale/Krakatoa was a 6
Earthquake intensity

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