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Pale Fire
Virgin Soil
Netochka Nezvanova
The First Circle
Quiet Flows the Don (earned Stalin Prize)
Speak Memory
Three Deaths/The Forged Coupon/The Raid/The Three Hermits/Work, Death, and Sickness/Father Sergius/Three Questions
The Brothers Karamazov
A Provincial Lady
War and Peace
The Real Life of Sebastian Knight
Humiliated and Insulted
The Village
Won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970
The Government Inspector (or The Inspector General)
The Overcoat
The House of the Dead (inspired by Siberian exile under Nicholas II for membership in Petrashevsky Circle)
The Fate of a Man
Won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1933
The Double
Was a Jewish-Russian Soviet dissident
The Gambler
The Crocodile
A Month in the Country
The Seagull
Dry Valley
The Landlady
Kreutzer Sonata (named for Beethoven work)/Resurrection (final novel)
Poor Folk
The Eternal Husband
The Carriage
Doctor Zhivago
The Village of Stepanchikovo
The Nose
The Idiot
Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle
King Lear of the Steppes
What Is To Be Done? (or What Shall We Do?) (novel - in response to Fathers and Sons)
The Birthmark
Won Nobel Prize in Literature in 1958 but declined due to pressure from Soviet authorities
Childhood, Boyhood, & Youth (autobiographical novels)
My Sister Life (an anthology)
A Sportsman's Sketches
The Diary of a Superfluous Man
An Honest Thief
The Cancer Ward
Another Man's Wife and a Husband under the Bed
Cursed Days (diary)
Demons (The Possessed)
First Love
Won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1965
Crime and Punishment
Nevsky Prospect
Uncle's Dream
Torrents of Spring
Boris Gudonov
The Second Birth
The Cossacks/How Much Land Does a Man Need?/Ivan the Fool/Master and Man/The Devil
Fought in 29 duels
Dark Avenues
The Bronze Horseman
Uncle Vanya
August 1914
Anna Karenina
The Adolescent
Fathers and Sons
What Is To Be Done? (nonfiction)/A Letter to a Hindu/Croesus and Fate/The Prisoner of the Caucasus
The Queen of Spades
The Master and Margarita
Eugene Onegin
Tales from the Don
Notes from the Underground
The Gulag Archipelago
Dead Souls
Fortune's Fool
The Live of Arseniev (autobiography)
The Kingdom of God Is Within You/The Death of Ivan Ilych
The Three Sisters
Home of the Gentry
Virgin Soil Upturned (earned Lenin Prize)
plays...The Power of Darkness/The Light Shines in the Darkness/The Fruits of Enlightenment/The Living Corpse
Family Happiness/Hadji Murad/Sevastopol Sketches
The Original of Laura
Diary of a Madman
Bend Sinister
They Fought for Their Country (unfinished)
The Test
An Incident at Krechetovka Station
A Nest of Gentlefolk
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Said, 'Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress.'
The Cherry Orchard

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