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2011/stories about Bennie Salazar (aging rock music exec), his old assistant Sasha & friends/self-destructive characters growing older/from 60's to present in NY, CA, Italy, KenyaJennifer Egan
1949/no chapters but Thurs, Fri, Sat sections/takes place in 48 hours at Florida Air Force base in WW2/conflict between Black & White officersJames Gould Cozzens
1966/19 short stories (4 new)/Flowering Judas/Pale Horse, Pale Rider/The Leaning TowerKatherine Anne Porter
1933/2nd book of Vaiden trilogy (also The Forge & Unfinished Cathedral)/Colonel Vaiden confederate officer, former overseer of Crowninshield Plantation, & local KKK leaderThomas Stribling
1981/Ignatius Reilly (30 yr old) lives w/mother in Uptown in New Orleans/Myrna Minkoff, Police officer Angelo Mancuso, Miss Trixie/title from Jonathan Swift epigraph John Kennedy Toole
1948/sequentially related short stories narrated by Commander during WW2/begins w/building of airfield on Norfolk Island before Battle of Coral Sea/fictional Operation AlligatorJames Michener
1985/Corinth Univ professor Virginia (Vinnie) Miner goes to London for research/hooks up w/Chuck Mumpson (from OK)/Fred Turner (also prof) hooks up w/Lady Rosemary Radley in LondonAlison Lurie
1935/white middle-class urban family turned into dirt poor farmers by Great Depression & Dust BowlJosephine Johnson
1919/Second of Tarkington's novels in Growth series/Set in fictionalized version of Indianapolis/Aristocratic titular family struggles through socio-economic change post Civil WarBooth Tarkington
1950/former Senator William Tadlock leads wagon train along Oregon Trail w/guide Summers/several accidents/settlers mutiny & choose Lije Evans to lead themA.B. Guthrie, Jr.
1959/title character accompanies wagon train from St Louis to California after Gold Rush/alternates his descriptions w/those of his father (Scottish doctor) who gambles & drinksRobert Lewis Taylor
1938/Harvard educated WASP lives on Beacon Hill in BostonJohn Marquand
1990/Cesar Castillo's (aged musician) last hours replaying his life/he & brother Nestor (musician) immigrated to US from Cuba/culture adjustments/memories of band, lovers, familyOscar Hijuelos
1962/Father Hugh Kennedy (recovering alcoholic) returns to unnamed New Englad seaport city to fix career/connects w/Carmody familyEdwin O'Connor
1969/Abel returns to reservation in NM after WW2 emotionally broken & doesn't fit in/goes to LA/has problems/goes home & buries grandfather/feels at home againN. Scott Momaday
1922/Centers on a young woman who aspires to climb the social ladder and win the affections of a wealthy young man named Arthur Russell/Set in unnamed town in Midwest post WW1Booth Tarkington
1989/Ira & Maggie Moran drive 90 miles from Baltimore to funeral & back/describes joys & pains of their marriageAnne Tyler
1936/coming of age story about orphan Clay Calvert in homesteading days in Oregon (1906-08)/marries Luce/works as sheep hand on Preston Shiveley's ranchHarold Davis
1987/Philip Carver (middle-aged editor) goes home from NYC at request of sisters to help stop 80 yr old father from remarryingPeter Taylor
1999/3 generations of women affected by Woolf's Mrs Dalloway (Woolf herself, Mrs Brown, & Clarissa Vaughan)/parallels to Mrs Dalloway & stream-of-consciousness styleMichael Cunningham
1930/struggles of Navajo in SW US in early 1900's/title character falls for Slim Girl/problems b/c she was educated at US Govt school Oliver La Farge
1951/3rd in THe Awakening Land trilogy/frontier woman Sayward Wheeler during development of Ohio Valley settlement into thriving town/Worth Luckett (father) & sisters Genny & SulieConrad Richter
2000/9 short stories about Indians & Indian-Americans & culture conflict/A Temporary Matter, A Real Durwan, Sexy, Mrs. Sens, The Third and Final ContinentJhumpa Lahiri
1986/retired Texas Rangers Gus McCrae & Woodrow Call (w/others) drive cattle from title location to Montana/Jake Spoon's ideaLarry McMurtry
1978/1st African-American to win/short story collection/title story about interracial marriage in 60's-70's between Virginia (black) & Paul (white)James Alan McPherson
1927/traditional Pentland familiy in Durham, Massachusetts/John is patriarch/wife is insane/he loves Mrs Soames/leaves family fortune to Olivia/takes place in title part of yearLouis Bromfield
1942/Asa & Lavinia Timberlake name daughters Roy & Stanley/tobacco business in Richmond, VA/marriages, affairs, suicide...not happyEllen Glasgow
1967/fictionalized version of Beilis case/Jew Yakov Bok (Kiev 1911) is arrested after Christian boy is killed/2 yrs in prison w/out trial/imaginary dialogue w/Tsar Nicholas II Bernard Malamud
1970/short story collection w/parts: The Innocents Abroad/ The Bostonians & Other Manifestations of the American Scene/Cowboys & Indians, & Magic Mountains/Manhattan IslandJean Stafford
1997/title character goes from dad's cigar shop asst to hotel bellboy to major entrepreneur/works w/sister-in-law Emmeline Vernon/bad marriage/late 1800's/emptiness of materialismSteven Millhauser
1965/7 generations of Howland family in rural Alabama/William Howland V married black housekeeper/Abigail (final Howland) crashes local economy after race hatredShirley Ann Grau
1960/Pres nominates Leffingwell (former Communist) as Sec of State/loosely based on Alger Hiss/Sen Cooley opposes/Sen Anderson kills himself after gay photo is exposed/used by PresAllen Drury
1934/led to discovery of Gone with the Wind/story of poor couple Cean & Lonzo begins 20 yrs before Civil War/set in GeorgiaCaroline Miller
1924/namesake Scottish family live pioneer life in Iowa in Civil War era/Wully returns from Civil War to find love Chirstie McNair was raped by Peter Keith/he marries herMargaret Wilson
1944/Sam Braden becomes wealthy & wanted wealthy Eileen Wyatt/life along the Mississippi River in 1880'sMartin Flavin
1925/inspired by life of Antje Paarlberg in Dutch community of S Holland, IL (Chicago suburb)/Selina Peak De Jong marries Dutch farmer Pervus/son Dirk's nickname is titleEdna Ferber
1929/set among the Gullah people in Low Country in S Carolina/orphan Mary is title character/raised by Antie Maum Hannah/torn between desire to be good or live life of sinJulia Peterkin
1968/flashbacks of slave who led 1831 slave rebellion in VA told to Thomas Gray (pros attorney)/tells of childhood/friendship w/white Margaret Whitehead whom he kills in revoltWilliam Styron
1931/chronicles life of Jane Ward Carver from teens to age 54 (from 1890's to 1930's)Margaret Barnes

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