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Method of joining together two pieces of dry or leather-hard clay with a slip
Porcelain which had been fired to 1400 °C in a reducing atmosphere
Items such as sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, teapots, soup tureens, etc. (but not flatware) intended to accompany the pottery on a table
Earthenware developed in Majorca which is tin-glazed and overpainted with oxides/similar to Faience & Delftware
To shape hollowware by the same process as jigger
Maximum transverse breaking stress applied under specified conditions that a material will withstand before fracture/used as quality control test for ceramic raw materials & bodies
Kidney-shaped tool made of flexible steel for finishing thrown pots, or made of stiff rubber for pressing and smoothing clay in a mould
Step in preparing clay for shaping/involves manipulating the clay in a fashion somewhat like prepping dough for bread/ensures the even distribution of moisture in the body
Interlocking needlelike crystals of aluminium silicate responsible for toughness and hardness of porcelain which form in high-temperature bodies
Ingredient used in glazes to cause it to be opaque, and hence mask the colour of the underlying body
Combined effects of firing time and firing temperature on ceramic wares in a kiln/higher temps for shorter times does more than lower temps over longer times
Type of decoration originally developed in Persia which leaves a thin layer of metal on the decorated portions of pottery
Name for machine (and process) for the shaping of clay body into flatware by the differential rotation of a profile tool and mould
Common oxide in glazes and some clays that generally gives a reddish color
Firing in a kiln that retains an oxygen environment
Dull-surfaced glaze with no gloss
Kiln used for firing enamelled decoration, constructed so as to protect wares from direct flame and from smoke, soot, ash and other contaminants
Fine white or off-white clay, rich in kaolinite, used in ceramics, paper-making
Outer layer or coat of glaze on a piece of pottery/decoration, usually enamel, applied over a glaze
Furnace for the firing of ceramics
Supports, often in the shape of a tripod, used to maintain the shape and separate pieces of ceramic during the firing process
Temperature at which a glaze exhibits it best qualities
Condition of a clay or clay body when it has been partially dried to the point where all shrinkage has been completed

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