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Pope from 1492-1503/Borgia pope/condemned Savanarola/had son Cesare & daughter Lucrezia/Treaty of Tordesillas (Line of Demarcation)
Apostle of Jesus considered to be the first pope
Pope who crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor
Pope from 1513-1521/2nd son of Lorenzo the Magnificent/de Medici pope/cardinal at age 13/pope during beginning of Reformation/'Since God has given us the Papacy, let us enjoy it'
Pope from 1846-1878/longest-serving pope (32 years)/First Vatican Council - decreed papal infallibility/last Soveriegn of the Papal States/Prisoner of the Vatican
Pope from 440-461/first pope to be called 'The Great'/met Attila the Hun in 452 & talked him out of invading Italy
Pope from 401-417/contemporary to Jerome/son of previous pope/opposed Pelagianism/pope when Alaric (Visigoths) sacked Rome in 410
Pope from 1088 until 1099/established modern day Roman Curia as ecclesiastical court/called for the First Crusade
Pope from 1922-1939/resolved Lateran Treaty w/Mussolini in 1929 which settled the 'Roman Question'
Pope from 1939-1958/during WWII
Pope from 1072-85/began the Investiture Controversy/excommunicated Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV twice forcing him to wait 3 days & nights on his knees in the snow
Possibly the youngest pope/elected between ages of 11 & 20
Pope from 1503-1513/commissioned destruction & rebuilding of St. Peter's Basilica & Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel/the Warrior Pope
Currently serving pope/first pope from the Americas/beginning in 2013/noted for work with the poor
Pope from 1878-1903/oldest pope reigning until age of 93/Rosary Pope
Most commonly used name for popes
Pope for 13 days in 1590
Pope from 2005-2013/Cardinal Ratzinger/resigned in 2013/considered 'the main intellectual force in the Church' since the mid-1980's
Pope from 1523-1534/a de Medici/sack of Rome in 1527 by troops of Charles V/refused to grant divorce to Henry VIII & later excommunicated him
Pope from 314-335/pope at the time of but did not attend the Council of Nicea convened by Roman Emperor Constantine I
Pope from 1978-2005/Polish Karol Wojtyla/worked to end Communism in Europe/canonized after purportedly healing French nun from Parkinson's disease
Mythical pope of middle ages who was actually a woman in disguise/gave birth during procession which exposed her sex
Pope from 1154-59/only English pope/attempted restoration of east-west relations w/Byzantine Emperor Manuel Comnenus but fell through/crowned Frederick Barbarossa as Roman Emperor

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