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A winged nut or achene containing one seed
Female sex organ in mosses, liverworts, ferns, and most conifers
Collective name for the petals of a flower
A slim, cyclindrical flower cluster with no petals, usually wind- pollinated but somtimes insect- pollinated, and they contain many unisexual flowers along a ccentral drooping stem
The pointed protective sheath covering the emerging shoot in monocotyledons
Stem of a germinating seedling, found below the cotyledons (seed leaves) and above the radicle (root)
The arrangement of the veins in a leaf
A thread-like chain of cells that forms the earliest stage of a bryophyte
Cluster of spore-producing structures (sporangia) usually located on the lower surface of fern leaves
Non-reproductive part of the flower/structure that forms envelope around sexual organs/made up of calyx & corolla
The peripheral surface of the pericarp in citrus fruits/Composed of several cell layers that become progressively thicker
Outer layer of a fleshy fruit/tissue that develops from ovary wall of flower & surrounds the seeds
Plant that grows harmlessly upon another plant and derives its moisture and nutrients from air, rain, and debris around it/have no negative effect on host(not parasitic)
Plant species that have male & female reproductive structures on separate plants (eg ginkgos, willows, cannabis, African teak)
Number of sets of chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell
A root that arises from any point other than the radicle or the root axis, any unusual location
cells and organisms that have three sets of paired chromosomes
Ususally the gametophyte stage in the life of a fernor other pteridophyte. May also be used to describe the young gametophyte of a liverwort or peat moss
A modified berry with a tough, leathery rind
Photosynthetic cells arranged into tightly packed casings around the veins of a leaf
Single cell, mass of cells or a bud of tissue that detaches from parent & develops into new individual/means of asexual reproduction in plants, fungi, algae, liverworts, mosses
Any of the various kinds of hard, woody cells that serve the function of support in plants
Plant cells found within the mesophyll in leaves of many plants, right below the upper epidermis and cuticle, that contain numerous chloroplatsts
the part of a plant embryo that develops into the primary root
Pairs of cells that surround the stoma that help to regulate the rate of transpiration
Creeping horizontal plant stem or runner that takes root at points along its length to form new plants

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