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Synthesized primarily in roots as well as many other minor sites and transported to other organs
Synthesized in shoot apical meristems , root apical meristems, & young leaves/developing sees & fruits contain high levels
Gaseous hormone produced by almost all parts of the plant/produced in high concentrations in senescence, leaf abscission, & fruit ripening/synthesis stimulated by wounding/stress
Regulates sex determination & transition from juvenile to adult phases
Functions in phototropism and gravitropism/promotes vascular differentiation/indoleacetic acid (IAA)/name coined by Went
Inhibits growth/promotes stomatal closure during drought stress/promotes seed dormancy/inhibits early germination/promotes leaf senescence & dessication tolerance
Stimulates stem elongation, pollen development, pollen tube growth, fruit growth, seed development & germination
Promote xylem & inhibits phloem differentiation
Nearly all plant cells can synthesize this hormone/can be transported in xylem or phloem
Regulates cell division in shoots & roots/modify apical dominance/promotes lateral bud growth/promotes movement of nutrients into sink tissues/stimulates seed germination
Stimulates stem elongation (low concentration only)/promotes formation of lateral & adventitious roots/regulates fruit development/enhances apical dominance/retards leaf abscission
Produced in meristems of apical buds & roots, young leaves, & developing seeds
Promotes ripening of many fruits, flowering in pineapples, leaf abscission, root & root hair formation, triple response in seedlings/enhances rate of senescence
Promote cell expansion & cell division in shoots/promote root growth at low concentrations/inhibits at high concentrations

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