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Body divided into segments separated by septa (internal walls)/Setae (bristles attached to segments)/true coelom
Unsegmented, flattened body/acoelomate/bilateral symmetry/cephalization/gastrovascular cavity with pharynx
Jointed appendages/cuticle made of chitin (exoskeleton)/segmented (head, thorax, abdomen)
Subphylum of marine invertebrates that are born with a notochord/ dorsal nerve chord
Soft bodies/internal or external shell/trochophore (free-swimming larva)/4 parts (foot, mantle, shell, visceral mass)
Slender, unsegmented body with tapering ends/free living and parasitic/pseudocoelom/3 germ layers
Soft body/uses cnidocytes (explosive cells) to capture prey/radial symmetry/mesoglea sandwiched between two layers of epithelium/2 germ layers
No tissues or organ systems/asymmetrical/adults are sessile/central opening osculum (excretory structure)/tiny pores (ostia) all over body/asconoid, syconoid, & leuconoid body type
Name is Greek for 'hedgehog'/spiny, internal skeleton/radial symmetry/water vascular system/deuterostome/pentaradial symmetry
Notochord (flexible rod-shaped body found in embryos)/hollow dorsal nerve chord/pharyngeal slites/endostyle/post-anal tail

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