HCHS Persian Empires

Can you name the Persian empires?

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Persian emperor during 2nd invasion of Greece/lost at Battle of Salamis (480 BC)/also called Ahasuerus in Book of Esther/married Esther/assassinated by Artabanus (bodyguard)486-465 BC
Mongol khanate ruled by House of Hulagu/founded by Hulagu Khan (grandson of Genghis)/eventually converted to Islam/ravaged by plague outbreaks1256-1335 (or 1353) AD
Ancient Mesopotamian city 22 miles SE of Baghdad/on left bank of Tigris across from Seleucia (later became 1 city)/became capital of Parthian Empire/conquered by Rome (283 AD)
Final ruling dynasty/founded by Reza Khan/changed name to Imperial State of Iran/son Mohammad was overthrown in Iranian Revolution under Ayatollah Khomeini1925-1979 AD
Hellenistic state founded by member of diadochi after Alexander's death/from Anatolia to Pakistan/fought Ptolemies in Egypt, Chandragupta in India, & Romans/defeated by Parthians312-63 BC
1st Persian Empire/founded by Cyrus the Great/largest empire of ancient world/used satraps/Mausoleum at Halicarnassus/fought Greece/big postal-road systems/freed Jews from Babylon550-330 BC
Beginning of modern Iranian history/began from Safaviyya Sufi order/founded by Shah Ismail I/established Twelver school of Shia/checks & balances in bureaucracy/famous art1501-1736 AD
Persian emperor & son of Xerxes I who gave asylum to Themistocles after his ostracism/biblical Nehemiah was his cupbearer/sent Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem465-425 BC
Ancient Iranian city/ceremonial capital of Achaemenid Empire/60 km north of current city of Shiraz/contains Gate of All Nations, Apadana palace built by Darius the Great
Empire founded by Tamurlane/defeated Ottoman Bayezid I at Battle of Ankara (1402)/declined after Tamurlane's death1370-1507 AD
Ruled Sublime State of Iran/lost vast territories in Caucasus to Russia/Battles of Ganja, Sultanabad/overthrown by Reza Khan1785-1925 AD
Final Persianate Sunni dynasty before Mongol invasion/founded by Anush Tigin Gharchai (former Turkish slave)1077-1231 AD
Founded by brilliant military commander Nader Shah who deposed last Safavid1736-1796 AD
Ancient city in Iran/in lower Zagros Mts/founded by Memnon of Aethiopia according to Iliad/location of biblical Book of Esther
Last Iranian empire before Muslim conquest/founded by Ardashir I/peak of Iranian civilization/influential culture & art into Europe, India & China/exhausted fighting Byzantines224-651 AD
Persian emperor during 1st invasion of Greece/lost at Battle of Marathon (490 BC)/Temple of Zerubabel in Jerusalem completed during his reign/father of Xerxes I522-486 BC
Ancient Uzbek city/also called Numijkat/intellectual center during Samanid Empire/besieged by Genghis Khan & Red Army/contains Ismail Samani mausoleum
Ancient Uzbek city/one of the oldest in Central Asia/conquered by Alexander (329 BC)/became capital under Tamurlane (Timur the Lame)/Bibi-Khanym Mosque
Seleucid satrapy that rebelled/expanded under Mithridates I/from eastern Turkey to eastern Iran/defeated Roman Crassus at Battle of Carrhae (53BC)247 BC-224 AD
Capital of Qajar dynasty/current capital of Iran
Short-lived dynasty founded by Karim Khan/empire slowly collapsed after his death/distinct art/recovered some territory from Ottomans1750-1794 AD
Turko-Persian Sunni empire/from Turkey to Hindu Kush/founded by Tughril Beg/named for his grandfather/began around Aral Sea/Alp-Arslan won at Manzikert/Malik Shah I ruled at height1037-1194 AD
Sunni Iranian empire/founded by 4 brothers ruling under Abbasids/became independent under Ismai'il ibn Ahmad/scholars Rudaki, Ferdowsi & Avicenna/capital Bukhara rivaled Baghdad819-999 AD

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