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InfoPart of the Brain
Between pons and spinal cord/maintains vital body functions such as breathing and heart rate
Pea-sized gland at the base of the skull under the brain attached to the hypothalamus/has posterior and anterior parts
Connects the two hemispheres of the brain
In hindbrain/involved in motor control, posture, & sensory analysis/parts that important for level consciousness and sleep
Lobe responsible for visual processing
Involved in vision, hearing, eye & body movement/includes tectum & tegmentum/has cerebral peduncle (huge bundle of axons important for voluntary motor function)
Also called conarium or epiphysis cerebri/small endocrine gland in vertebrate brain/produces melatonin (hormone affecting sleep patterns)/resembles pine cone in epithalamus
Also called cortex/largest part/higher brain function (thought & action)/2 hemispheres w/highly folded surface
Ventral to thalamus/involved in functions including homeostasis, emotion, thirst, hunger, circadian rhythms, & control of the autonomic nervous system/controls the pituitary
Lobe responsible for reasoning/planning/parts of speech/movement/emotions/problem solving
InfoPart of the Brain
Located in temporal lobe/involved in memory, emotion, & fear/causes bulge on surface of temporal lobe called uncus
Lobe responsible for movement/orientation/recognition/perception of stimuli
Under the limbic system/carries out vital life functions (e.g. breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure)/composed of midbrain, pons, & medulla
Lobe responsible for perception & recognition of auditory stimuli/memory/speech
Large mass of gray matter situated in forebrain at topmost portion of diencephalon/sensory & motor functions/all sensory systems synapse here before relaying to cerebral cortex
'Emotional brain' found buried withing the cerebrum/contains thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala, & hippocampus
Small round bodies on undersurface of brain/part of diencephalon which is part of limbic system/located at ends of anterior arches of fornix/important for recollective memory
Regulation and coordination of movement, posture, & balance/2 hemispheres w/highly folded surface
Portion important for learning and memory/converts short term memory to permanent memory/recalls spatial relationships in world around us

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