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Any masking or scenery that is made primarily of fabric
Theatre in which playing area protrudes out into the house with the audience seating on more than one side
Curved plain cloth or plastered wall filling the rear of stage/often used as a 'sky' backing to a traditional set or main backing for dance set/often flat w/curved wraparound ends
Passage situated below or behind a tier of seats
Low platform on wheels used to move scenery and/or props on and off the stage
Area of stage to performer's right when facing audience
Area to one side of the proscenium where stage manager stands to cue show & prompt performers
Portal that divides the audience from the stage
Theatre in which playing area is surrounded by audience seating on all sides
Theatre with bare-bones stage of various seating types/audience & actors in same room surrounded by black masking
Theatre in which audience directly faces the playing area which is separated by a portal (namesake arch)/stage is higher than 1st few rows of seats/seats get higher going back
Backstage lounge where performers can wait when not needed
Large “turntable” built into the stage itself, used to help change scenery
Areas that are part of stage deck but out of sight of audience/typically maked w/legs/used for performers preparing to enter
Area of stage to performer's left when facing audience
Area used by performers & technicians to travel from stage left to right out of sight of audience/created w/masking & drapery
Hole in the stage deck/have removable covers & elevators
Area of stage furthest from audience
Theatre in which elongated playing area is surrounded by audience seating on two sides
Heavy fiberglass or iron curtain located immediately behind proscenium
Area of stage closest to audience
Section of house hidden in ceiling from which technical aspects of performance can be manipulated
Slope in performance stage rising away from audience
Area of the stage in front of the proscenium arch/typically not used as performance space
A marking usually with tape (or paint) put on or around the stage to show correct positions for set pieces or actors
Vertical channels against proscenium designed to contain safety (fire) curtain
Hard surface designed to reflect sound out into audience for musical performances
Makeup consisting of a flat solid layer of compressed powder, widely used in the theater
Often made of black velour, any piece of scenery, soft or hard, that is used to hide the backstage area and activities from the audience

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