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Can you name the painters of the following series of paintings?

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Death and Disaster (70+ artworks of car accidents, suicides, electric chairs, tainted cans of tuna fish)
The Helga Pictures (more than 240 paintings/drawings of Helga Testorf created from 1971-85/artist kept it secret from his wife & Helga's husband/many were nude so big scandal)
Industry and Idleness (12 prints following the lives of 2 apprentices, one hard-working & the other lazy)
Constantine Tapestries (series of tapestries depicting life of Roman Emperor Constantine I/primary artist created 12 paintings as guides in 1622/Cortona added 5 more in 1630)
Red Canna paintings (a dozen or more paintings of the red canna flower)
Houses of Parliament Series (19 paintings depicting the Palace of Westminster (home of Parliament) in different weather and time of day)
Water Lilies (250 oil paintings done over last 30 yrs of artist's life even while his eyesight was deteriorating due to cataracts)
The Paris Sunflowers (4 paintings of 2 cut sunflowers painted in 1887, 2 of which were given to Gauguin/artist's first paintings with nothing but sunflowers)
The Harlot's Progress (6 paintings now lost & engravings/Moll or Mary Hackabout comes to London from the country & becomes prostitute/imprisoned & dies from venereal disease at 23)
The Rake's Progress (8 paintings showing fall of Tom Rakewell, son of rich merchant who spends & gambles away fortune/debtor's prison & finally Bedlam/made into opera by Stravinsky
The Voyage of Life (4 paintings representing an allegory of human life from childhood to old age (1842))
Black Paintings (14 paintings which portray intense, haunting themes reflecting artist's fear of insanity & bleak outlook on humanity (1819-23)
Haystacks Series (25 paintings from 1890-91 painted near artitst's home in Giverny, France/repeat of same scene to show differences in lighting, season, time of year, time of day)
Poplar Series (24 paintings of trees along the banks of the Epte River/trees had S-curve)
The Battle of San Romano (3 paintings depicting namesake battle/egg tempera/purchased or forcibly taken by Lorenzo de' Medici/now split between National Gallery, Uffizi, & Louvre
Disasters of War (82 prints created from 1810-20 as a visual protest against the 1808 Dos de Mayo Uprising & the Peninsular War (1808-14)/published 35 yrs after his death)
The Arles Sunflowers (4 paintings of vases with sunflowers painted in 1888-89)
Rouen Cathedral Series (more than 30 paintings made in 1892-93 painted showing the cathedral in different lighting conditions))
Marie de' Medici Cycle (24 paintings commissioned by de' Medici herself (wife of Henry IV of France) for Luxembourg Palace/1622-1624/a Henry IV cycle was begun but not finished
Marriage à-la-mode (6 paintings showing tragedy of an ill-considered marriage for money)
Course of Empire (5 paintins showing the growth and collapse of an imaginary ancient city (1833-36))

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