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Pyridinium salt of dichromate (C5H5NHCr2O7)/strong oxidizing agent which can convert primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones/Very toxic so rarely used now
Transforms primary alkyl halides into primary amines/Uses potassium phthalimide
Reaction used to create rings/Uses ketone and methyl vinyl ketone to form α,β-unsaturated ketone in cyclohexane ring by Michael addition with aldol condensation
Cycloaddition between conjugated diene and substituted alkene (dienophile) to form substituted cyclohexene system/1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
SN2 reaction forming ether from organohalide and deprotonated alcohol/Often ends in epoxides
Linear free energy relationship used to study reaction mechanisms and development of structure relations for organic compounds
Reactions that transform aldehydes to alkynes/Substitution reaction that is a special case of Wittig Reaction
Alkyl, vinyl, or aryl-magnesium halides add to carbonyl group in aldehydes or ketones/Forms Carbon-Carbon bonds
Test using potassium permanganate to detect double and triple bonds/Positive if color changes from pink-purple to brown/Manganese Oxide settles out making it brown
Reduction of Ketones to alkanes using Zinc amalgam and hydrochloric acid
Differentiates between water-soluble carbohydrate and ketone functional groups and test for reducing sugars and nonreducing sugars/Uses copper sulfate and potassium sodium Tartrate
Carbon–carbon bond forming reaction that occurs between two esters or one ester and another carbonyl compound in presence of strong base resulting in β-keto ester or β-diketone
Palladium deposited on calcium carbonate which is then poisoned with various forms of lead or sulfur/used for hydrogenation of alkynes to alkenes
Synthesizes esters by refluxing carboxylic acid and alcohol in presence of an acid catalyst
Used to detect the presence of soluble proteins/Made by dissolving metallic mercury in nitric acid and diluting with water/Turns red-brown in presence of Tyrosine
Reaction of aldehyde or ketone with triphenyl phosphonium ylide to give alkene and triphenylphosphine oxide/Used for preparation of alkenes
Describes linear free-energy relationship relating reaction rates and equilibrium constants for many reactions involving benzoic acid
Determines the presence of an aldehyde, aromatic aldehyde and alpha-hydroxy ketone functional groups/Solution of silver nitrate and ammonia/Positive result creates a silver mirror
Synthesize an amino acid from an aldehyde or ketone/Uses ammonium chloride and potassium cyanide
Coupling reaction involving boronic acid and palladium complex/Used to synthesize poly-olefins styrenes and substituted biphenyls
Process used for reducing odor in Gasoline/Removes mercaptans to create disulfides in gasoline
Solution of hydrogen peroxide with ferrous iron as a catalyst that is used to oxidize contaminants or waste waters
Empirical rule for predicting favored alkene product in elimination reactions
Converts aromatic compounds having benzenoid ring into product in which two hydrogen atoms have been attached on opposite ends of molecule
estimates whether a planar ring molecule will have aromatic properties/number of electrons in pi bond equals 4n+2 when n is zero or greater
Creates epoxyalcohols from alcohols using a titanium isopropoxide catalyst/2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for these oxidations
Describes outcome of some addition reactions/Usually between protic acid and alkene
Used in elemental analysis for qualitative determination of presence of foreign elements namely halogens nitrogen and sulfur in organic compound/Fuses sodium with the sample
Used to selectively oxidize primary alcohols to aldehydes/Made of Chromium Oxide with pyridine in dichloromethane/
Process to attach substituents to aromatic ring/2 varieties: alkylation and acylation/
Empirical observation in organic chemistry that states that double bond cannot be placed at bridgehead of bridged ring system
Oxidation of ethylene to acetaldehyde in presence of palladium chloride as catalyst/One of first homogeneous catalysis with organopalladium chemistry applied on industrial scale

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