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InfoOperaComposer (1st Performed)
Siegmund rescues Sieglinde/they realize they are twins and sleep together conceiving Siegfried/Wotan is their father/Fricka demands he kill Siegmund/he sends Brunnhilde to do itWagner (1870 - Ring Cycle 2)
Story begins with Judith & title character in his castle/she convinces him to open the 7 locked doors/7th door has 3 wives alive in jewelry/Judith gets jewelry & is shut in w/themBartok (1918)
Originally titled 'The Curse' based on play by Hugo/Gilda, daughter of humpbacked jester falls for licentious Duke of Mantua/dies to save him from assassins hired by her fatherVerdi (1851)
US Naval officer Pinkerton marries Japanese Ciocio-san/abandons her for 3 years/marries American Kate/comes back for his son/Ciocio-san commits suicidePuccini (1904)
Title character is tempted by vision of Marguerite at spinning wheel/buys Mephistopheles' services on earth for his own in Hell/Marguerite is impregnated & abandonedGounod (1859)
Ethiopian princess is captured by Egyptians/Egyptian military commander Radames loves her/Amneris (Pharoah's daughter) loves him/Radames & Aida die togetherVerdi (1871)
Title character is to marry Susanna/Count Almaviva tries to seduce her/Countess Rosina, Susanna, & title character expose him/he returns to loving his wifeMozart (1786)
Canio's wife Nedda having affair w/Silvio/during performance he demands to know her lover/she refuses to tell & he kills her/Silvio approaches & is killed too in front of audienceLeoncavallo (1892)
Tamino & Papageno go to Sarasto to rescue Pamina/Queen of the Night promises Pamina to Tamino upon success/she & Monostatos are villainsMozart (1791)
Sigfried is given potion to make him forget Brunnhilde/Hagen son of Alberich kills him/Brunnhilde kills self/returns Ring to Rhine maidens/Valhalla burns & gods dieWagner(1876 - Ring Cycle 4)
The son of Parsifal, knight of the Holy Grail, is sent in a boat pulled by swans to rescue Princess Elsa who can never ask his identity/contains Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the BrideWagner (1850)
Title character is womanizer/kills commendatore after trying to seduce daughter Anna/Elvira loves him/Anna, Ottavio, & Masetto seek revenge/statue drags him to hellMozart (1787)
Title character makes love to Venus but repents/goes to Wartburg to win past love Elisabeth in singing contest/his past with Venus is exposed/travels to pope for forgivenessWagner (1845)
InfoOperaComposer (1st Performed)
Chinese princess will marry man who answers 3 riddles/death if they fail/Calaf answers riddles/if she gives his name by dawn, he dies/he tells her/she loves him/Liu diesPuccini (1926) unfinished at death/completed by Alfano
Rodolfo, Marcello, Schaunard & Colline live in Paris apartment/Marcellos loves Musetta/Rodolfo loves Mimi, but she dies of tuberculosis (consumption)/musical Rent is based on thisPuccini (1896)
Based on Dumas novel/Alfredo and Violetta fall in love/his father gets her to leave him since she's not of noble blood/Alfredo finds out/she dies of tuberculosis in his armsVerdi (1853)
Set in Catfish Row/female title characters is w/Crown who kills Robbins over craps game/male title character is disabled/kills Crown for her but she runs off to NY w/Sportin' LifeGershwin (1935)
Title character plans with Arnold to defeat Gov. Gesler/Gesler captures him & Jemmy/he shoots apple off Jemmy's head/kills Gesler laterRossini (1829)
Regarded as first operatic masterwork/title character loves Euridice/follows her to underworld after her snakebite/Plutone allows her to go with him/when he turns around she fadesMonteverdi (1607)
Title character reforges Siegmund's sword Nothung/kills dragon Fafner/drinks blood & understands bird language/obtains Ring/wakes Brunnhilde who chooses mortality/learns fearWagner (1876 - Ring Cycle 3)
Dr. Bartolo wants Rosina to marry him for her dowry/Count Almaviva disguised as Lindoro wants Rosina to love him w/out knowing he is rich/Figaro (a barber) helps Almaviva succeedRossini (1816)
Mephistopheles hooks up Marguerite with title character/he sells his soul to save her & is dragged to hell/she is saved & goes to heavenBerlioz (1846)
Rocco the jailer helps bring about downfall of Don Pizarro/Leonore saves Florestan by disguising herself as title characterBeethoven (1805)
Soldier Jose abandons Micaela for title character who gets him in trouble/she leaves him for bullfighter Escamillo/Jose kills her & admits itBizet (1875)
Set at time of Napoleon/Angelotti former consul flees with help of Cavaradossi/Scarpia pursues him/title character, lover of Cavaradossi, leaps from parapet after he is killedPuccini (1900)

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