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The titular character makes a journey from Cape Town to his mother's birthplace during an imaginary civil war during the apartheid eraJM Coetzee
Iris Chase recalls the events of her youth about how her sister Laura and her husband Richard both committed suicide. Dies at the novel's endMargaret Atwood
Title character encounters Vasudeva and the Samanas/journeys with best friend Govinda toward spiritual enlightenmentHermann Hesse
Allegorically chronicles the decline of the author's wealthy North German merchant family over the course of four generationsThomas Mann
Obi Onkonkwo is on trial for receiving bribes after his mother's deathChinua Achebe
Tony Last takes an expedition to Brazil to escape his wife, Brenda. He dies. She remarries.Evelyn Waugh
A runaway adolescent known only as 'the kid' adventures across the midwest encountering Judge Holden, Toadvine, and the Clanton GangCormac McCarthy
Set in Costaguana, it follows the titular expatriate authority figure who is charged with moving silver deposits offshore. Shot at the endJoseph Conrad
Addresses Bellow's friendship with the poet Delmore Schwartz. Conrasts two authors Von ____ Fleisher and Charlie CitrineSaul Bellow
Ezeulu is the chief priest of the Nigerian Igbo tribe. The tribesmen lose faith in their god (Ulu) and convert to ChristianityChinua Achebe
2nd book in trilogy/set in 1920's Harlem/Joe Trace murders lover Dorcas & his wife Violet stabs her with knife at her funeral/Golden Gray, Alice Manfred, FeliceToni Morrison
The work of James Incandenza, Joelle, Hal, and Marathe become involved finding the titular film known as 'the Entertainment.'David Foster Wallace
Collection of poems. Title translates to Wild Moon Octavio Paz
Centers around Newland Archers marriage to May Welland and his affair with her cousin, EllenEdith Wharton
Rev. Wicks Cherrycoke entertains his extended family with stories about his adventures with title characters as they perform astronomical and surveying exploits in Brit coloniesPynchon
3rd in trilogy/author wanted to call it 'War'/famous first line 'They shoot the white girl first'/set in Ruby, OK all black town founded in 1950Toni Morrison
Jean Marie Latour, who travels with his friend and vicar Joseph Vaillant from Sandusky, Ohio to New Mexico to take charge of the newly established diocese of New MexicoWilla Cather
Sam Spade and Miles Archer are hired by a Miss Wonderly to follow a man, Floyd Thursby, who has allegedly run off with Wonderly's younger sister. They search for the title objectDashiel Hammett
Originally titled, A Solitary Soul, Edna Pontellier has an affair while her husband is away but has second thoughs and drowns herself in the Gulf of MexicoKate Chopin
The titular character's experiences with deciding whether or not to be educated and his love affairs. Described as Chicago-BornSaul Bellow
A collection of essays analyzing Mexican history and tragic events that converge to form the modern culture in MexicoOctavio Paz
The narrarator rides on a ferry to Egypt and returns many years later as a touristV.S. Naipaul
Hary Haller is taken to a magical theater with 5 rooms which symbolize fractions of his lifeHermann Hesse

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