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Forced Order
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SynopsisNovelDate Published
Fictional account of last days of Bolívar/follows travels from Bogota to Cartegena/physical disability & loss of popularity/waiting for passport to go to Europe/dies before leavin1989
Fermina Daza falls for Florentino Ariza, but her father ends the relationship/she marries Dr Juvenal Urbino who is trying to end cholera1985
6 sections each retelling same story about eternal dictator's infinite power/based on Pinilla (Colombia), Franco (Spain), & Gómez (Venezuela) 1975
12 yr old Sierva/bit by rabid dog/doesn't die/subjected to 'healing methods' (torture)/Father Cayetano befriends her/she dies during exorcism/after death hair magically grows back1994
In nameless Colombian village someone places pasquinades revealing people's secrets/man kills wife over affair/mayor declared martial law & cracks down on political opponents1962
Jose Buendia founds the town of Macondo, the story covers 7 generations of the family there1967

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