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Muse of eloquence & epic poetry/Chief of all Muses (by Hesiod)/lover of Ares/mother of Orpheus by Apollo/turned girls into magpies after singing contest/muse for Homer & Virgil
Mother of the Muses according to Hesiod/titaness goddess of memory/daughter of Uranus & Gaia
Expression used to describe Sappho or Juana Inés de la Cruz/also in title of Anne Bradstreet book of poetry
Muse of tragedy/initially was Muse of Chorus/wears tragic mask & cothurnus (boots worn by tragic actors)/mother of several Sirens/also invoked for lyrical phrases (ie Horace's Odes
Muse of music/called 'giver of delight'/played flute/may have invented aulos (double flute)
Muse of lyric poetry/since Renaissance she is shown w/myrtle wreath & roses holding a small kithara (lyre)
Earliests records of the Nine Muses come from this homeland of Hesiod
Father of Muses according to Hesiod
Muse of astronomy/possible mother of Linus (musician) or Hymenaeus/cloak embroidered w/stars
Muse of history/proclaimed & glorified great deeds & historic accomplishments
Elegaic poetry volume published under pseudonyms/all female writers/alternate title: Poems Written by Nine severall Ladies Upon the death of the late Famous John Dryden (1700)
Muse of dance & chorus/usually depicted sitting w/lyre accompanying ballerinas' choirs w/music/mother of some Sirens & Parthenope
Muse of comedy & idyllic poetry/name means 'flourishing'/8th born/joyous, crowned w/ivy w/boots & comic mask in her hand or w/bugle or trumpet
Muse of hymns (as well as sacred poetry, dance, eloquence, agriculture, pantomime, geometry, & meditation)/referenced in Divine Comedy/held finger to her mouth & work long cloak

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