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Can you name the National Book Award winners in different areas?

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Forced Order
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1952 (Nonfiction)Rachel Carson
1954 (Nonfiction)Bruce Catton
1957 (Nonfiction)George F. Kennan
1961 (Nonfiction)William L. Shirer
1987 (Nonfiction)Richard Rhodes
1989 (Nonfiction)Thomas L. Friedman
1997 (Nonfiction)Joseph J. Ellis
1999 (Nonfiction)John W. Dower
2011 (Nonfiction)Stephen Greenblatt
2015 (Nonfiction)Ta-Nehisi Coates
1950 (Poetry)William Carlos Williams
1951 (Poetry)Wallace Stevens
1956 (Poetry)W.H. Auden
1960 (Poetry)Robert Lowell
1965 (Poetry)Theodore Roethke
1966 (Poetry)James Dickey
1969 (Poetry)John Berryman
1974 (Poetry)Allen Ginsberg
1976 (Poetry)John Ashberry
1991 (Poetry)Philip Levine
2015 (Poetry)Robin Coste Lewis
1969 (Arts and Letters)Norman Mailer
1966 (History & Biography)Arthur Schlesinger
1978 (History & Biography)David McCullough
1980 (History & Biography)Henry Kissinger
1980 (History & Biography)Barbara W. Tuchman
1982 (Biography)David McCullough (bio of T. Roosevelt)

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