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OperationCode Name
Assassination of top Nazi Reinhard Heydrich/carried out in Prague on 27 May 1942/set up by British special ops
Helicopter evacuation of U.S. citizens before the fall of Saigon/April 29-30, 1975
Codename for firebombing of Dresden/initially codename for bombing of Berlin in 1944/dropped then redirected to Dresden, Berlin, Chemnitz, & Leipzig but on a much smaller scale
US invasion of Panama under George HW Bush that deposed dictator Manuel Noriega/Dec 1989-Jan 1990
Part of Operation Downfall, aimed at the southern island of Kyushu.
Codename for first phase of German invasion of France in WW2/armored units pushed thru Ardennes to cut off Allied unit/led to Dunkirk evacuation
Overall codename of Wehrmacht for the Battle of the Bulge/included sub-operations Greif, Stösser, & Währung/name was intended to mislead Allied intelligence
German codename for invasion of Poland
Failed attempt to rescue American hostages held by Iran in Tehran in 1980/ordered by Carter/one of the first missions of the US Delta Force
Designation adopted by British military intelligence in June 1941 for wartime signals intelligence obtained by codebreakers at Bletchley Park
Codename for Inchon landing on UN troops during Korean War/Sept 10-19, 1950
Began under code names 'Development of Substitute Materials' & British 'Tube Alloys'/developed first nuclear weapons
Code name adopted in 1915 by British government for 1st tracked armoured vehicles, which were then under development/1st used was D1 during Somme offensive
Codename for Allied invasion of Sicily on July 9, 1943
Codename for US operation to kill Admiral Yamamoto on April 18, 1943/his bomber transport aircraft was shot down by US fighters on naval intelligence
Codename for British countermeasures against German V-missile program/consisted of RAF attacks on German research & development centers & factories
Codename for British evacuation of Dunkirk in WW2/338,226 soldiers were evacuated by over 800 boats/May 26-June 3, 1940
Bombing of Laos by U.S. forces during Vietnam War to support the Royal Laotian Army and CIA-trained Hmong/1964-1973
CIA-led operation to assassinate Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan/carried out May 2, 2011 by Nave SEAL's (DEVGRU or SEAL Team Six)
Planned invasion of Britain by Nazi Germany which was never carried out/set for 1940
Began Nov 26, 2008/lasted until 29th/India's National Security Guards (NSG) flushed out the attackers from Hotel Taj Mahal in Mumbai
Illegal program of experiments on humans by CIA to develop mind control for interrogations/began in early 1950's/ended in 1973/exposed by Church Committee & Gerald Ford
Codename for Allied breakout from Normandy thru Brittany into interior of France under Bradley/began 25 July 1944/created Falaise Pocket/Allies reached the Seine
Failed invasion of Germany from Sept 17-25th, 1944/2 terms represented air & ground attacks respectively/under leadership of Montgomery
British-American invasion of North Africa in 1942/consisted of landings at Casablanca, Oran, & Algiers/initially called Operation Gymnast
OperationCode Name
Operation name for US invasion of Grenada from Oct 25-Dec 15, 1983/overthrew gov't after murder of Maurice Bishop/under Reagan
Initially Operation Anvil/codename for Allied invasion of southern France/began August 15, 1944
Initially Operation Sledgehammer/1200 plane assault followed by 5000 vessels landing 160,000 troops/Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944/name chosen by Churchill
Biblical codename for US/Brit bombing of Hamburg, Germany in WW2 over 10 days in July, 1943/killed at least 45,000 people
Operation name for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion on April 17-19, 1961 under JFK
Codename for Soviet operation to encirlce German 6th Army, 3rd & 4th Romanian Armies, & 4th Panzer Division near Stalingrad in WW2
Codename of US air strikes on Libya under Reagan in 1986 in response to Berlin discotheque bombing
Codename for the allied invasion of Japan in WWII. Cancelled after Japan's surrender on August 15, 1945. It would've been the largest amphibian operation in history.
Code name for Osama Bin Laden during operation against him by SEAL Team Six
Campaign of political repression & state terror by dictators in lower S America w/help from CIA/goal was to repress Communism/1978-81/also name of French relief of Dien Bien Phu
Codename for portion of Allied deception strategy before Normandy invasion/involved creation of phantom armies targeting Norway & Pas de Calais/sub-part of Operation Bodyguard
Codename for second phase of German invasion of France in WW2/consisted of preliminary attack in west over the Somme & main offensive of Aisne 4 days later
United States Air Force B-52 bombing campaign during the Vietnam War
Part of Operation Downfall, aimed at the main island of Honshu.
Codename for 1943 German offensive which began Battle of Kursk/led to Battle of Prokhorovka (largest tank battle in history) 54 miles southeast of Kursk
German operation to use false flags to create appearance of Polish aggression against Germany so Nazi's could invade/August 1939
German invasion of the Soviet Union/began June 22, 1941
Codename for US testing of nuclear bombs in upper atmosphere over South Atlantic in 1958
Sustained bombing campaign conducted against North Vietnam by the United States and South Vietnam
Codename for overall Allied deception strategy before Normandy invasion intended to surprise Germans & divert resources from actual invasion/first proposed at Tehran conference
German World War II emergency plan to disarm the SS, arrest Nazi leaders, & take control of German cities after Hitler was assissinated in 20 July Plot/activated 1944 but failed
Operation name by US to describe Global War on Terrorism
American OSS program in which more than 1500 German scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to US after WW2 to keep them out of USSR
Codename for British military operation in the Falklands War

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