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DescriptionType of DramaExamples
originates from the Mass itself, and usually presents a relatively complex ritual that includes theatrical elementsWhom Do You Seek? (Qeum-Quaeritis)/Regularis Concordia (Monastic Agreement)
Easter pageant depicting the trial, suffering and death of Jesus ChristBenedictbeurn Play, Vienna, St Gall, Frankfort, and Maestricht plays
Drama that accounted the life of a saint/focused on martyrdom or miracles of saints/particularly about St Nicholas or the Virgin MaryJean Bodel’s Le Jeu de Saint Nicolas (ca 1200 AD)/banned by Henry VIII
Early Tudor dramas/known at the time as Interludes/allegory in where protagonist is met by personifications of various moral attributes prompting him to choose godliness over evilOrdo Virtutum (Order of the Virtues), Everyman/The Castle of Perseverance
Among the earliest formally developed plays in medieval Europe/focused on Bible stories/with accompanying antiphonal song/performed in cycles which could last for days/pageant wagoChester cycle, Wakefield cycle, York cycle, N-Town plays (or Hegge or Ludus Coventriae cycle), The Second Shepherds' Play

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