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sum of the roots of 2x^4 + 10x^3 + 4x - 14
product of the roots of 3x^3 - 8x + 12
cube root of 1728
sum of the roots of 3x^3 - 8x + 12
Matrix that is not invertible (ie determinant is zero)
54, 72, ? (triple)
sum of the first 24 even integers
geometric mean of 4 and 25
37 mod 8
theorem that states that every polynomial has at least one complex solution
what is the dot product of u = 7i - 13j and v = 4i + 12j
inradius of an 8, 15, 17 right triangle
theorem that says differentiation and integration are inverse operations
sum of the first 30 natural numbers
sum of the first 17 odd integers
what is the sum of the infinite geometric series with first term 12 and common ratio .25
product of the roots of 2x^4 + 10x^3 + 4x - 14
theorem that states that all positive integers have a unique prime factorization
what is the magnitude of vector v = 6i - 3j - 2k
area of a 45-45 right triangle with a hypotenuse of 18

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