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Can you name some major political/cultural writings from the fall of Napoleon to the beginning of WW2 by description?

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Author criticized Newton's idea of absolute space (esp. Newton's bucket argument)/inspired EinsteinMach (1883)
History of naval warfare during the 17th-18th centuries/argues for necessity of best fleet/most influential book in naval strategyMahan (1890)
9th volume of Les Rougon-Macquart/title character begins as prostitute but ends up as high class cocotte/destroys every man who pursues herZola (1880)
Pamphlet published in Leipzig & Vienna/early text advocation for the creation of a Jewish nation to avoid European antisemitism/popularized term 'Zionism'Herzl (1896)
Victorian work of social reform that promoted thrift & hard work/claimed poverty was caused by irresponsible habits/attacked materialism and laissez-faire governmentSmiles (1859)
Described which nations benefit more in system based on comparative advantage/critiqued communism & socialismMill (1848)
Provided the epistemological perspective of positivism/dealt with physical sciences in Vol 1 & coming of social sciences in Vol's 2 & 3Comte (1830-42)
Economic work that concludes that land rent grows as population increases/theory of comparative advantage/positive view of free trade between nationsRicardo (1817)
Book on education by Swedish feminist/advocated child-centered approach to education & parentingKey (1900)
Credited w/creating terminology & shape of modern macroeconomics/introduced consumption function, multiplier, marginal efficiency of capital, principle of effective demandKeynes (1936)
Provided alternative for Darwin's mechanism of evolution which was a 'vital impetus' understood as humanity's natural creative impulseBergson (1907)
Introduces Freud's theory of the unconscious/1st discussion of Oedipus complexFreud (1900)
Originally written as an abstract of larger work (which was never written)/lays foundation of evolutionary biologyDarwin (1859)
Presented as a list of condemned propositions including pantheism, naturalism, socialism, communism, absolute rationalism/commented on Church rights & Christian marriagePope Pius IX (1864)
Krogstad is fired from his job at the bank by Torvald, whose wife Nora has borrowed money illegally/Nora abandons her husband and 3 children at the endIbsen (1879)
1st book on human evolution/gives evidence for the evolution of man and apes from a common ancestorTH Huxley (1863)
Essay based on lectures given to 2 women's colleges at Cambridge/employs fictional narrator & narrative but considered non-fiction/early feminist textWoolf (1929)
Work investigating the physical condition of cotton, wool, & silk workers/show how cotton work engendered pneumonia/argued against excessive child labor in manufacturingVillerme (1840)
Argument in favor of equality between the sexes/co-written w/his wife/believed educated women should have right to voteMill (1867)
Used espoused geology as basis for argument for Uniformitarianism (the present is the key to the past)/read by Darwin on his trip on the BeagleLyell (1830)
Philosophical novel/deals with 'eternal recurrence of the same', the 'death of God' parable, & the 'prophecy' of the √úbermenschNietzsche (1883)
Outlines the concept of the vanguard revolutionary party run according to the principles of democratic centralismLenin (1902)
Written while imprisoned for Beer Hall Putsch/outlined his political ideology and future plans for GermanyHitler (1924)
Motivating force of capitalism is exploitation of labor whose unpaid work is ultimate source of surplus & profit/Volumes 2 & 3 were edited & published by Engels after death of MarxMarx (1867)
Work of dramatic theory/argued that tragedies of Ancient Greece were the highest form of art due to its mixture of both Apollonian and Dionysian elements into one seamless wholeNietzsche (1872)
Early example of scientific racism/race is primary force determining world events/Aryan race is pinnacle/white, black, & yellow races Gobineau (1853-54)
Argued for a much more generous peace agreement after WW1/moved public opinion in US against Treaty of Versailles/Marshall Plan after WW2 was similar to plan proposed in this workKeynes (1919)
Argued that God of the Bible overthrows any attempt to ally Himself with human cultures, achievements, or possessions/famous for use of dialecticBarth (1919)
Applies evolutionary theory to human evolution and explains author's theory of sexual selectionDarwin (1871)
Begins 'A spectre is haunting Europe...All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre'/class struggle against capitalismMarx/Engels (1848)
1st half documents bleak living conditions among working class in industrial north of England before WW2/2nd half author's middle class upbringing & adoption of socialismOrwell (1937)
Philosophical discussion of Abraham when God told him to sacrifice Isaac/2 types of people: those who live in hope (Abraham) & those who live in memory (The Young Man & ConstantiusKierkegaard (1843)
Attempted to portray the 'historical Jesus' who was not divine & regarded Jesus' miracles as mythsStrauss (1835)
Argument against revolutionary overthrow of capitalism/instead advocating a gradual, peaceful transition into socialismBernstein (1899)
Philosophical work/what it means for a human being to be is to exist temporally in the stretch between birth & death/we constantly project our lives onto the horizon of our deathHeidegger (1927)
A founding work in economic sociology & sociology in general that argued that the foundation of capitalism in Northern Europe was the result of Calvinist influenceWeber (1905)
Argued that success of proletariat in class struggle depended on creation of catastrophic/violent revolution thru a general strike/claimed violence could save world from barbarismSorel (1908)

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