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Less violent than solar flares/cool sheets of gas that condense out of the corona/some are inactive for weeks/others rain down matter on the photosphere/others explode into space
Region influenced by solar wind extending well beyond the orbit of Pluto
1 million K/low density plasma/only visible during eclipses/outermost layer
Morgan-Keenan star classification of sun
Temp drops to 3800 K before rising back to 35,000 K/just above photosphere/visible only during total eclipse/2000 km deep
Transition region between the radiative and convective zones which rotate in opposite directions resulting in a large shear
Directly above radiative zone/drop in temperature/thermal cells move heat to photosphere where they cool, increase in density, and fall back to heat up again
Long thin fingers of luminous gas resembling blades of grass growing upwards from photosphere to the top of the chromosphere
Stream of charged particles released from the corona
11 million K/sparks of energy located above sun spots & complex magnetic field/can reach the size of earth & last several hours/produces x-rays that create light
15 million K/density 10 times that of lead/location of fusion reactions/releases gamma rays and neutrinos
Cooler spots in the photosphere caused by magnetic fields that oppose convection/about the same diameter as earth/center is called 'umbra'
6000 K/zone from which visible light is emitted/low pressure gasses a few hundred kilometers thick/helium was discovered in 1896 by Ramsey when analyzing solar spectrum
From 7 million K to 2 million K/directly above core/not regulated by thermal convection/energy is transferred by radiation

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