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QUIZ: Can you name the American labor union leaders?

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(1889-1979)/African-American labor & civil rights leader/founded Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters/led March on Washington Movement to ban discrimination in military
(1930-present)/female labor & civil rights leader/co-founder of National Farm Workers Assoc (became United Farm Workers)
(1880-1969)/helped found Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)/took miners out of CIO & into AFL/president of United Mine Workers (1920-60)/isolationist in WW2
(1927-1993)/Mexican-American worker who became labor & civil rights activist/co-founded National Farm Workers Assoc (became United Farm Workers)
(1849-1924)/best known head of Knights of Labor/mayor of Scranton, PA/pushed education but downplayed strikes/Knights were blamed for Haymarket Riot violence
(1850-1924)/Brit-American founder of American Federation of Labor (AFL)/opposed socialists/supported WW1 war effort/fought for shorter hours & higher wages
(1885-1926)/founding member of Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)/5-time Socialist candidate for US Pres/leader of Pullman Strike
(1886-1952)/Scottish-American steelworker/founded United Steel Workers of America (USWA)/longest-serving president of CIO
(1837-1930)/Irish-American schoolteacher & dressmaker/co-founder of Industrial Workers of the World/organizer for Knights of Labor & United Mine Workers/organized children's march

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