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QUIZ: Can you name the HCHS Kentucky Endangered/Threatened Species?

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OrganismThreatened (T) or Endangered (E)
Price's potato-bean
Braun's rock cress
Cumberland rosemary
Eggert's sunflower
Cumberland sandwort
White-haired goldenrod
Short's goldenrod
Virginia spiraea
Running buffalo clover
Cumberland elktoe
Cumberlandian combshell
Oyster mussel
Northern riffleshell
Pink mucket
Ring pink
Little-wing pearlymussel
Orange-foot pimpleback
OrganismThreatened (T) or Endangered (E)
Rough pigtoe
Fat pocketbook
Cumberland bean
Mammoth cave shrimp
American burying beetle
Relict darter
Duskytail darter
Palezone shiner
Blackside dace
Pallid sturgeon
Copperbelly water snake
Bald eagle
Red-cockaded woodpecker
Interior least tern
Virginia big-eared bat
Gray bat
Indiana bat

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