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Approach to jazz developed in 1950's & 60's/discarded fixed chord changes or tempos/Pharoah Sanders & John Coltrane
Pianist, composer, & singer referred to as The Genius/pioneered soul music in 50's/Modern Sounds/blind from age of 7/1930-2004
Composed for 1939 Broadway musical Very Warm for May (which flopped)/great Ella Fitzgerald cover
Style of modern jazz music that arose following the World War 2/characterized by its relaxed tempos and lighter tone
Saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter & composer/innovator of Free Jazz (invented name w/album title)/album Sound Grammar won 2007 Pulitzer for Music (1st for Jazz musician)
Jazz pianist & composer/2nd most recorded jazz composer after Ellington/known for style in suits, hats, & sunglasses/would stop playing & dance during performances/1917-1982
Saxophonist known as Yardbird/icon for hipster subculture & Beat Generation for uncompromising artistry/Jazz at Massey Hall/1920-1955
American composer, pianist and bandleader of a jazz orchestra/over 1000 compositions/based in NY/led his orchestra from 1923-1974
Composer, pianist, actor, songleader/composed Stardust, Georgia on My Mind, The Nearness of You, Heart and Soul/1899-1981
Leader of very popular dance band in 1920's & 30's made up of only white musicians b/c of segregation/was called the 'King of Jazz'
Popular style between 1895-1918/syncopated rhythm/began as dance music in red-light districts of African-American communities in St. Louis & New Orleans/Ernest Hogan coined name
Style w/lilting rhythm & emphasis on off-beat/strong rhythm section of couble bass & drums w/lead section of brass, woodwinds, and sometimes strings
American disc jockey who became known internationally for playing blues, jazz, pop, & rhythm & blues music under the name of 'Rock and Roll'
Nicknamed Satchmo or Pops/trumpet player & scat singer/led group known as the All Stars/1901-1971
Pianist, bandleader, & composer/in Davis's Second Great Quintet/architect of post-bop sound/teaches poetry at Harvard/Cantaloupe Island/Watermelon Man/Rockit/River:the Joni Letters
Style of jazz characterized by a fast tempo, instrumental virtuosity, & improvisation based on combination of harmonic structure & references to melody/developed in mid-1940's
Vocal improvisation with wordless vocables, nonsense syllables or without words at all
1959 Miles Davis album considered by many the best jazz album of all time/quadruple platinum/recognized by US House of Rep's on 50 year anniversary
Arguably best jazz trumpeter with incredibly complex music/used bent horn w/bell at 45 degree angle/1917-1993
Part spiritual, part lullaby written for Porgy and Bess/covered by Miles Davis, Paul McCartney, The Zombies, The Doors, and Janis Joplin (at Woodstock)
Also known as New Orleans Jazz/Basin Street Blues & When the Saints Go Marching In/one instrument (trumpet) plays melody & others improvise around it
Saxophone player/helped pioneer use of modes in jazz/at forefront of 'Free Jazz'/played with Davis & Monk/1926-1967
State song for a southern state/definitive version by Ray Charles in 1960 The Genius Hits the Road album
#1 hit composed by Carmichael w/lyrics by Parrish/definitive performance by Nat King Cole
1st purely instrumental jazz tune to break 1 million in single's sales/distincitve 5/4 time signature
Jazz that uses musical modes rather than chord progressions as a harmonic framework/1950's & 60's/epitomized by Davis's Milestones, Kind of Blue, & Coltrane's classic quartet
Clarinetist & band leader known as the King of Swing and The Professor/brought jazz to forefront w/1938 concert at Carnegie Hall/led integrated jazz group/1909-1986
Musical form originated in African-American communities in 'Deep South' in late 1800's/call-and-response pattern & namesake 12-bar chord progression
Song best remembered for recurring role in Casablanca
Composed by Monk (at 18-19 years old)/retitled by Davis/possibly the most recorded jazz standard
Jazz singer w/range spanning 3 octaves/known as First Lady of Song & Queen of Jazz/40 million copies of 70-plus albums & 13 Grammy's/1917-1996
Jazz singer, songwriter, actress named Eleanora Fagan/nicknamed Lady Day/worked w/Basie/Lady Sings the Blues/1915-1959
Trumpeter, band leader, & composer, studied at Juliard but dropped out/heroid addict in early 50's/Kind of Blue, Birth of the Cool, & Round About Midnight albums/1926-1991
Jazz pianist & band leader/formed jazz orchestra & led it for almost 50 years/One O'Clock Jump & April in Paris/1904-1984
Signature song for Duke Ellington and his orchestra

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