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Earliest period of confirmed human activity on Japanese islandsbefore 14,000 BC
Hunter-gatherer period in Japanese history/'cord-marked' pottery, pressed cords into wet clay14,000-300 BC
Iron Age era in Japanese history/named for Tokyo neighborhood where artifacts were discovered/namesake pottery & beginning of rice paddy field agriculture300 BC - 300 AD
Period when Imperial court ruled from Nara Prefecture (at the time was namesake Province)/divided into 2 sub-periods250-710
Period named for burial mounds/1st part of Yamato period/Shinto culture before Buddhism250-538
2nd part of Yamato period/significant artistic, social, political changes/arrival of Buddhism from China538-710
Period begun w/movement of capital to Heijō-kyō (near namesake location) by Empress Genmei/capital was modeled after Chang'an (captial of Tang China)/1st permanent capital of Jap710-794
Last division of classical Japanese history/height of Chinese influence (Taoism, Confucianism)/means 'Peace'/influence of Fujiwara clan over Imperial family794-1185
Name of both period & shogunate that ruled/twice repelled force of Kublai Khan w/help of 2 typhoons/rulers from Minamoto & Fujiwara clans & imperial princes/samurai emerged1185-1333
Period between shogunates/failed attempt by Emperor Go-Daigo to bring Imperial House back into power/final Imperial power until Meiji Restoration1333-1336
Rule by namesake shogunate/ruled from Kyoto/deposed by Oda Nobunaga1336-1573
Cultural period of Ashikaga promoted by Shogun Yoshimitsu/centralized & authoritarian/influenced by warrior & Chinese cultures1395-1408
Cultural period of Ashikaga promoted by Shogun Yoshimasa/abdicated & built Silver Pavilion/based on Zen Buddhism/tea ceremony, Noh drama, sumi-e ink painting/wabi-sabi1473-1490
Ashikaga sub-period/Northern Imperial Court ruled by Ashikaga in Kyoto & Southern Imperial Court ruled by Emperor Go-Daigo in Yoshino1336-1392
Ashikaga sub-period marked by social upheaval, political intrigue, & constant military conflict/ended w/unification under Tokugawa shogunate1467-1603
Final phase of Sengoku period/political unification/rise of Tokugawa shogunate/transition from medieval to early modern culture/name comes from Nabunaga & Hideyoshi's 2 castles1573-1603
Literally 'southern barbarian trade'/from arrival of 1st Portuguese explorers to the exclusion by Sakoku Seclusion Edicts1543-1614
Period when Tokugawa shogunate ruled/last feudal Japanese military govt/ruled from namesake Castle/strict class hierarchy established by Toyotomi Hideyoshi/ended by Boshin War1603-1868
Period of national isolation under Tokugawa shogunate/enacted under Iemitsuca 1633-1866
1st treaty between USA & Tokugawa shogunate/ended isolationism under threat of force/opened Shimoda & Hakodate (ports) to US ships1854
Literally 'closing curtain'/refers to final years of Tokugawa shogunate after end of sakoku/political divide between shogunate & pro-imperial forces (ishin shishi)1853-1867
Includes 1st half of Empire of Japan/moved from feudal to modern society/corresponded w/rule of namesake emperor1868-1912
Period corresponding to rule of namesake emperor/political power shift from elder oligarchic statesman to Imperial Diet & liberal democrats1912-1926
Period corresponding to rule of Emperor Hirohito (longest reigning emperor)/move to totalitarianism, nationalism, & fascism/includes build-up to WW2 & return to democracy afterward1926-1989
Current era/began day after the death of Hirohito when his son Akihito took throne/literally 'peace everywhere'1989-present
Collapse of Japanese asset price bubble in period from 1991-2000 though period from 2001-2010 is now often included (Lost Score or Lost 20 Yrs)1991-2000

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